However, in 2014 Krum came out of retirement to again take on the position of Seeker for the Bulgarian National Team. Many wrote him off as too old to play at 38, but he took his underdog team all the way to an emotional win at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup . While a minority of fans thought that Krum could be an endgame love interest for Hermione, most recognized him as her “Mr. Wrong”. Rowling promised that we would see Krum again (“though not soon”), leading to some speculation about his future role. Rowling revealed that Krum would finally “find love” back in Bulgaria. She also revealed on Pottermore that Krum retired from professional Quidditch after losing the 2002 Quidditch World Cup, but came out of retirement to win the 2014 World Cup.

When the Tournament ends, Viktor makes a point of telling Harry, “I liked Diggory […] He vos alvays polite to me. Alvays. Even though I vos from Durmstrang” (37.76). Viktor may look bad-tempered and awkward, but his heart is certainly in the right place. Even Ron seems to realize this by the end, when he finally asks for Viktor’s autograph in spite of all his jealousy. Krum, it transpires, has invited Hermione to the Yule Ball. This infuriates Ron, though he doesn’t really understand why; he thinks that he is angry with Hermione for “consorting with the enemy”. After the Ball, Hermione and Ron have a flaming row in the Gryffindor common room, which Hermione ends by saying “Next time there’s a ball, ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort!”, and stalking off to the girl’s dormitory.

Her, Ginny Weasley, and Hermione Granger get lost in the woods an… Feeling angry, jealous and deeply hurt, Hermione exits the common room to find a place to be alone with her thoughts. Seeking to comfort her, Harry goes looking for Hermione and finds her in an empty classroom. “She was sitting on the teacher’s desk, alone except for a small ring of twittering yellow birds circling her head, which she had clearly just conjured out of midair.” 49 The birds offer a clue as to what Hermione is thinking. And, at this point, she must feel that she would have been much better off with Viktor. Over the next few days Hermione has time to process this new information.

Despite his popularity and his ability to surround himself with anyone he desired, he chose Hermione. In sports, there are dignified defeats and there are total blowouts. No one likes to see a team they root for, or play for, lose so badly and even less so in a championship game. Actor Stan Yanevski played the Bulgarian wizard who visits Hogwarts as part of the Triwazard Tournament.

Naturally, looks become an important issue for Hermione as her interest in boys develops. Like many teenage girls, Hermione is insecure about her looks. She would like to think that looks don’t matter, but knows that they do. Or, at least they matter to Ron, who has been smitten with the dazzlingly beautiful Fleur Delacour. Out of necessity Rowling has to downplay Hermione’s showing any interest in Viktor before the Yule Ball because any obvious clues would give away the surprise; however, she has given clues nonetheless.

It seemed as though he viewed Harry as just another champion of the tournament. Yanevski was also seen in the 2019 Bulgarian romance-adventure film Opurnichavite, in which he developed his love for motorcycles. Coming up, the actor will be featured in Devil’s Right Hand, a mini-series based off of old country western movies of the 1950s. It’s clear the beloved Krum has kept himself busy post-Potter.

However, he caught the Snitch and ended the match on his own terms. He received a runners-up medal along with the rest of the Bulgarian team following the conclusion of the match. No matter what age group you identify with, lovingtoy most Millennials and Gen Z’ers have grown up with the global phenomenon that is the Harry Potter franchise. Whether or not you consider yourself a Potter fanatic, chances are you’re aware of the story, characters, and cast.

While they are talking, Mr. Crouch emerges from the Forbidden Forest. Krum is at a loss for what to do, but Harry tells him to keep an eye on Crouch, and goes off to fetch Professor Dumbledore. On Harry’s return, Crouch is gone, and Krum is Stunned; when Dumbledore revives him, he says that Crouch must have Stunned him. In the first Task of the Tournament, Krum uses the Conjunctivitus curse on his dragon to allow him to get past it and steal the Golden Egg. The dragon, enraged, flails around and breaks some of its own eggs, which costs him points; however, he comes out of the First Task with 40 points, tied for first with Harry.

This will include questions about him, his participation in the Triwizard Tournament, and his life. Krum is mentioned in both the next two books as a target of Ron’s jealousy over Hermione, and appears once again in the flesh at Bill and Fleur’s wedding in Deathly Hallows. There, he compliments Hermione, who is flustered by his attention, until he hears that she and Ron are “sort of” together. Igor Karkaroff was the headmaster of Durmstrang Institute while Viktor Krum was at school. He treated Krum with more respect then he did with other students as seen in their arrival, and assisting Krum throughout the Triwizard Tournament, even going as far as scoring the other champions unfairly. It is unknown how his relationship with him was, though when Karkaroff fled Hogwarts after the return of Lord Voldemort, he spoke about him only with contempt.

In the books Harry saves Cedric from a giant spider, which in turn attacks Harry and nearly kills him, as they both rush towards the cup. As Hermione begins her sixth year at Hogwarts, it’s been almost two years since the Yule Ball when she first had reason to suspect that Ron might be romantically interested in her. And yet, she hasn’t taken any action to let Ron know she’s interested in him.

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