Loc extensions are becoming a more popular styling option. People are now able to experience a loc style without going through the locking process, which can take six months to a year. You can also wear locs without the commitment that is inherent with the style. When you are ready to change your look, you don’t have to cut your hair or spend weeks combing them out.

Pick up the most suitable Human Hair extensions for your hair. Some brands sell synthetic ones in the name of natural hair extensions, dig up reviews online on all the options available, and choose carefully. The artificial loc extensions are generally very tightly coiled from the start and have hoops for attachment. Whereas the natural ones are a bit loose and tighten up with time. They have free strands in the end for attachment to your hair.

If it doesn’t, you need to have your extensions professionally installed using loc adhesives. Forego the locking experience – This con may be a pro to some. Loc extensions cut out all of the locking phases of natural locs, keeping you from experiencing the “journey” of it all. Loc extensions come with their share of advantages and disadvantages, just like any other style. Read the below list to find out all of the loc extension pros and cons. This information will help you prepare to enjoy your loc extension style while preserving the health of your hair.

Now that you understand the difference between dreadlock extensions and faux locs, you can make an informed decision regarding whether loc extensions are what you want. Many get confused when differentiating between faux locs and loc extensions. So, before we get into the instructions for doing dreadlock extensions, we’ll take a second to clarify. Although there’s no need to worry, this article will teach you step-by-step how to do loc extensions.

You Can Make the End of the Dreadlocks to the New Styles,Such as Braids ,Crochet . I would say the curly ends are a bit more frizzy than I would have liked. I’m hoping when I am able to wash and condition them they will look better. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for shopping and selling on Etsy.

Our handmade permanent loc extensions are tightly woven to last long and as a result they may initially feel a little stiff. As these are made with human hair, gently wash and condition to soften locs. Shun is the author of “50 Things Your Hairdresser Wants YOU to Know (and a few things we don’t…)”. Taking down loc extensions definitely requires assistance so that you do not cut your hair by accident or cause excessive breakage. Depending on how long you have worn the extensions, there will be a considerable amount of dirt that has accumulated at the point where the extension starts.

1-2 bundle if you have just a few locs that need to be repaired, replaced and/or extended. MULTIPLE bundles are needed for a FULL HEAD installation. If you’d like to see a visual demonstration of the loc extension attachment process, watch the YouTube video above. To get the best possible results, you’ll need to prepare your natural hair. In the following sections, we will go over each step you should take. I loved the hair at first but when I had it installed it made my scalp and neck itch.

We guarantee that accept return or exchange if you do not satisfy our loc extensions within 20 business days after receiving the goods. When you sleep with locs, the friction of your head against the pillow can loosen or tangle your extensions. Avoid this problem by wearing a silk hair covering while you sleep. Alternatively, you can use a silk pillow or braid your hair to keep it all in one place.Never sleep with wet locs as they won’t dry properly. Find the loose end of the thread inside the extension.

Your hair should already be locked before you put in any extensions. If you have blunted ends on your locs, cut off the how to fix a frizzy silk press tips and brush them out. You should have one to two inches (2.5-5 centimeters) of loose hair at the ends of your locs.

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