The student should not register for the course again to complete the coursework. After successful completion of the makeup requirements, Incomplete grades will be changed by the instructor of record or the department head, in absence of the instructor of record. If the class for which the student has been given an Incomplete is S/U only, the grade shall revert to a “U”; if it is a traditionally graded class, it shall revert to an “F”.

Not only are they required, but they allow you to showcase yourself as an individual. We know sometimes applications can feel like you’re reduced to a bunch of numbers, but this is the chance for you to change that. Your essay is what admissions officers will use to differentiate between you and other, equally-qualified applicants. Within thirty days of receipt of an appeal, the department head shall forward the appeal to the course instructor who assigned the grade and an appeal committee shall be formed. The appeal committee shall be composed of two faculty members, two students from within the department, and one faculty member from outside the department who shall serve as a the chair. All five members of the committee shall be voting members.

It is important to submit your final transcript to NC State as soon as your final semester grades are posted at UNCW. Every year, more than 25% of the students earning an engineering degree from NC State are students who began their education at another institution, and many of those come from the site-based 2+2 programs. This page will answer many of your questions about how to transfer to NC State as a 2+2 student. Another factor that admissions test taking tips for elementary students officers will be looking for is your ability to exhibit how a degree from their school in this major would help you achieve your goals and make the world a better place. Try citing your career goals and how your major will help you achieve them. The admissions officers want to see your passion; they do not want to accept someone who is pre-med just because it is financially lucrative or because their parents want them to be a doctor.

In addition to the minimum 18 semester hour requirement, each candidate must complete a research project or thesis in the area in which he or she wishes to earn the second master’s degree. Completion of at least 47 semester hours of course work, excluding any course taken to satisfy the language requirement or its equivalent. During the extended time, the student must be continuously enrolled either in Thesis or in courses required by the program or the terms of the extension.

One of these is a comprehensive written examination covering the courses within the major. This examination may not be taken later than four weeks before the degree is conferred. The date of this examination is established in the academic calendar. All students granted unconditional admission must have had an undergraduate major, consisting of 30 semester hours of work, in the field of study chosen for specialization.

A student wanting to attend a class without earning credits may register as an auditor. Auditing a course requires prior approval of the instructor of the course. If an instructor determines an auditor’s attendance or participation is unsatisfactory, the course will not be recorded on the student’s academic record. Changes to or from audit status must be made during the registration and/or the add/drop period. Tuition and fees are assessed for audited credits.

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