Covenant is an impressively defended and seemingly prosperous community of settlers. The people are friendly, the amenities are quaint, and it appears to be safe. Many of the settlers at this location have keys to their own houses and the office establishments. The Covenant also have commandeered a sewer tunnel area across the lake to the west, just below a lake lookout east of Mystic Pines.

To get in without violence, you have to pass a speech check. Successfully compromising with Jacob at Covenant makes this a lot easier. If you have 9 Luck or higher, you can fiddle with the radio and intercept a transmission that mentions both the caravan and the Compound. Access the terminal, and read the files Orden has made on Covenant’s citizens. You’ll also discover that the Compound is beneath Mystic Pines’ Pond.

Covenant house key, Jacob Orden’s nightstand next to his bed in the first house northwest of the entrance; also carried by most inhabitants. Covenant is a particularly buggy location, in many cases due to internal logic errors in how the settlement, and its related quests, were designed and coded. The middle bed of the three beds in the guest house is unowned and can be slept in without being cinco ranch rv park allied to the settlement. Although they will fire on enemies, the turrets on the walls are not considered a part of the settlement, cannot be moved and do not contribute any defense points to it. Jacob’s password – A note in his house, on the nightstand next to his bed. Raider report and another copy of the SAFE report – Found in a wall/floor safe hidden behind a crate in the office building.

As soon as you step into Covenant, you’ll see a man named Honest Man asking a resident some questions. He’s looking for information about a missing caravan of Old Man Stockton’s. The settler is evasive and tells Dan he doesn’t know anything and walks away. I haven’t killed any people in the sewer pipe or done anything in the sewer pipe. The people inside Covenant only attack when I turn off collisions to get through the locked door. My problem is the door is locked for no reason – I’ve done the test and they have let me in before so I should be able to enter.

Choosing this option will also turn the inhabitants of Covenant hostile. Kill them all except Deezer to win it as a usable settlement. None of the houses or power lines can be broken down, the beds inside cannot be moved or removed.

As talk of the Metaverse continues to heat up, Xavier faithfully waits for someone to create a real-life version of The World (Minus dungeon boss-induced comas). In the entrance and if you’re not sure what to answer, keep selecting alternately the “up” and “down” dialogue options. It’s a common thing for targeting HUD to set off aggro in what are usually placid situations… Succeed at some dialog checks when talking to Swanson to gain some intel, , then take the SAFE test and answer however you wish.

Install hundreds of mods with the click of a button. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Those are the only two things that will make them hostile without ever entering Covenant. Still evading that answer of whether he finished the game or not. Personally, I’ve “clicked” the workbench many times without issue. Swanson should talk to you when you approach him, no need to use the talk prompt.

For the console command crowd, the quest was on level 900, that’s unlisted as a marker. Haven’t tried setting it to 700 or 720 yet, but I may because all the covenant items are still listed as owned. Speaking of the test, take the SAFE test by sitting down near Swanson’s table and answer the questions however you wish – there are indeed no wrong answers. Once you’ve gone through this odd test you’ll be granted access to Covenant. If you declined Dr. Chamber’s deal and freed Amelia Stockton, the settlers at Covenant will be hostile towards you.

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