Passionate about games and the greater good they can achieve, you can usually find Dom listening to records, faffing about in the kitchen, or playing Final Fantasy VIII . It stands to reason that Netflix may be gearing up to offer a service like PlayStation Now via its app. This would draw in more users for both companies and, and allow Sony to reach more people without PlayStation hardware in their homes, in theory. Earlier this year, we saw Sony confirm thatPlayStation Now support for 1080p capable games is on the way– this could all be preparation for what comes next. While PlayStation already has a game-streaming service called PlayStation Now, it could be looking to push gaming content beyond the PlayStation console ecosystem, just like what Microsoft has done with Xbox Game Pass.

As VGT reported, dataminer Steve Moser appears to have found PlayStation brand imagery and content in the Netflix app code. Over on Twitter, Moser shared the information, including images of both the Ghost of Tushima box art as well as PS5 controllers. It’s still unclear exactly what this means for the streaming giant, but if there’s a partnership between PlayStation and Netflix, we could see Ghost of Tsushima in the streaming platform in some way. Netflix might soon jump into the video game space as the streaming platform behind popular shows like Stranger Things and Bridgertonwill reportedly add a new gaming feature. A recent datamine also suggests that a partnership with PlayStation could also happen to somehow bring some of PlayStation’s major brands to Netflix. Reported by VGC, dataminer Steve Moser appears to have uncovered PlayStation brand imagery and content in the Netflix app code.

Posting on Twitter, Steve Moser, Editor-In-Chief of The Tape Drive, shared four images that tease Netflix working hand in hand with Sony. The datamine reveals Netflix’s gaming division is under the working name of “Shark” and has a logo that looks like a shark fin. The rest of the datamine revealed a custom shot of two PS5 DualSense controllers, a Netflix logo, and the Ghost of Tsushima cover. They don’t need to piggyback off a streaming provider that has nothing to do with gaming. I don’t think people realize how much control Sony loses of their service by partnering with Netflix.

The pieces are there for something, but the full picture is just out of focus, hidden in the brush like the true Ghost of Tsushima. According to Moser, Netflix’s gaming section currently has the codename ‘Shark’, and the PlayStation IP placement within that suggests a partership. This wouldn’t be Netflix and Sony’s first major deal, as both companies agreed a deal earlier this year that brings films from Sony Pictures Entertainment to bdo balenos fishing rod failstack Netflix first after their theatrical run. Moser suggests that the gaming section of Netflix currently has the codename ‘Shark’, and the placement of PlayStation IP within that suggests a collaborative approach. This wouldn’t be the first major deal between Sony and Netflix, as the two companies agreed a deal earlier this year that means movies from Sony Pictures Entertainment will come to Netflix first after their theatrical run.

That process has in part led to a re-emergence of the PlayStation Productions studio, which is now overseeing a whole slate of gaming adaptions based on the likes of The Last of Us, Twisted Metal, and several other projects. HD Report is a trusted online news publication with experts in entertainment technology, physical & online media, video gaming, and consumer products. The dynamic duo recently struck up a deal for theUnchartedandGhost of Tsushima movies to land on Netflix, which could spell trouble for Microsoft and the Game Pass. Although Microsoft’s Phil Spencer is committed to bringing Game Pass to as many platforms as possible, Sony teased its own version of Game Pass was on the way. According to VGC, a data miner named Steve Moser have discovered numerous Sony PlayStation brand imagery and content in the Netflix platform’s code. Last April, Sony and Netflix signed licensing deal where Netflix would be given first access to new releases after their theatrical releases.

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