The lash-grazing curly bangs and soft layers in Naomi Campbell’s haircut emanate some serious disco-era energy. Keep scrolling to get all the wolf cut hair inspiration to bring to your stylist, stat. Because the cut is so varied, Grey recommends bringing your stylist a photo to reference, and being as specific as possible with your wants and needs. “Physically show the stylist where you want your bangs and the layers to start and where you want the length to hit,” he says.

It’s really enhanced the definition of her hair too. Check out the video on YouTube, I’ve linked all the things you need for this cut in the description box there. How you hold your hair, how you hold the scissors and the cutting technique matters. For the first section, once you’ve secured your hair with two hair ties.

But you can make the style even wilder with a thick fringe sticking out. Although many girls like the style for its wash-and-go power, a bit of blow-waving is seriously prescribed for those with straight hair. Looking for a bombshell hairstyle to rock during the warm season? Pair your trendy haircut with a vibrant sunny shade and get the tongues of flame playing around your face. If you have more of a lob haircut going on, consider getting a cut like Miley Cyrus’s. Her wolf-cut look is full of voluminous texture and perfectly matches her rock-and-roll persona.

Wolf cuts definitely have variations, but most have short wispy layers on top and long choppy layers on the sides and back. This cute cut combines the best of mullet, shag, and hime hairstyles to create a totally customized playful look. Here is another one of our wolf cut ideas offering to spice up the shag with chunky pieces in a contrasting color. The style boasts a lot of body on the crown, yet the color provides some interruption to lighten the look. You are unlikely to find a hot wolf cut without bangs, as they are part of the shag magic.

Additionally, some layers may be too short to work with your go-to everyday styles. If you prefer to wear your tresses in wash n’ gos and other low-maintenance hairdos, reconsider if a wolf cut meets your needs. The wolf cut has become really popular for very good reasons—it’s super low-maintenance and it looks fantastic! If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, you don’t have to do much to style the wolf cut, especially if you’re going for a shaggy look. If you’ve got fine or straight hair, a wolf cut is a flattering ‘do that adds volume and looks sleek. Either way, we’ll show you exactly how to rock the wolf cut in style.

A wolf shag is a great compliment for kinky, naturally curly hair as the variations in length will create major volume, allowing curls to reach new heights. Thicken-up natural curls with a wolf haircut with wispy ends. The addition of voluminous bangs will add texture and bounce around the forehead, front pieces hair dyed masking areas where curls can appear thin. Hair looks fuller with a mid-length curly wolf style for fine hair. If your strands are feeling sad, opt for this wolfy shag. The layering and fringe featured in a curly wolf hairstyle will make the hair appear fuller, bouncier, and more voluminous.

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