Recently, though, old newspaper articles have been republished that show the tradition began decades earlier, in the 1880s. These stories tell of bourgeoisie in Madrid copying the French tradition of having grapes and champagne on the last day of the year. Ringing in the New Year in Spain requires eating a dozen grapes and wearing a very specific kind of undergarment. Most people will arrive closer to midnight, so you can try to beat them by arriving before 10 pm.

And if the seams of your underwear are frayed, they might irritate your skin and result in cuts or abrasions that increase the risk of infection. Wearing light colour underwear might not make much of a difference as you won’t be able to see the bleached patches. If you’ve been feeling a little lacklustre of late, an unusual tip could prove life-changing.

New Year’s Eve is a rare occasion when wearing a specific color can guide the upcoming year. If you feel like you need some stability in your life in the next year, you can wear Chocolate for Stability this NYE. You can get this dress in hot pink, light pink, or black. If you are looking to be successful, flourishing, or thriving in the new year, especially in financial respects, pink is a great choice.

Students get in some last minute study outside a school before entering to sit the gaokao, 7 July 2020. (Greg Baker/AFP)A search for “gaokao underwear” on Taobao turns up many buyers and sellers, and the sales figures look good. There are other colors that are worn to bring love, wealth, and all sorts of good things. Brazilians mostly stick whats your name in soanish to white for peace, yellow for success, and red for love. I did some research with the help of my Brazilian fashionistas, and we found 14 other meaningful color choices. If scoffing grapes at midnight isn’t strange enough, convention says you must do so while wearing red ropa interior, or underwear — a bra, a sock, a garter, whatever.

My favorite gem of knowledge was What to Wear on New Year’s Eve Based on Color Meaning. One of Brazilians that is equally style-obsessed told me about the Brazilian tradition of wearing white on New Year’s Eve to symbolize bringing peace in the new year. Buy some grapes, pack a suitcase and take care choosing the color of your underwear on Monday. Those are just three New Year’s Eve traditions in Mexico with which you can kick off the new year. You may only be aware of the normal champagne toast, but there are traditions where people put jewelry in their drink to attract wealth in the new years. Others hop with their champagne 3 times without spilling it and then pour it over their shoulders to signify letting go of the previous year and welcoming the new one.

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