For males, the shorts may be a little longer than the typical swim shorts. Some of the creams may be messy to apply but they are worth it. It can be put on the skin and stop chafing before it starts. There are creams designed for anti chafing and they can be found online or at the local pharmacy. Our patented anti-chafing thigh band features non slip silicone bands that prevent riding, slipping and of course, inner thigh chafing protection all day long, guaranteed. The best way to treat sand chafing is to make sure you don’t further irritate the area, and you do that with the right clothing and reducing friction.

This will cause leg chafing before the day is through. One of the easiest ways to stop this from happening is to rinse off throughout the day. Coupled with sand and saltwater can cause painful leg chafing.

It’s tempting to solely rely on a beach towel but chairs can definitely come in handy for long beach days. People who are very active or overweight are especially prone to body chafing. But even if you’re not an exercise nut or a sports enthusiast– and even if you’re not overweight or have big thighs– you’ve probably experienced chafing on the inner thighs. If you start to develop pustules, painful red bumps, intense swelling, or bleeding, it’s time to go see a doctor. To prevent chafing it is important to reduce contact with the sand, especially wet sand. The beach chair can help with this- as well as one of these rolling beach carts.

If there is a towel it is easy to track sand on it. I saw these on Facebook and was a little skeptical but ordered them anyway hoping that they would relieve my chub rub . No sliding or rolling, I ordered the wider ones and I’m glad I did. Wish I had learned of these sooner, I would have made more use of my wide array of skirts and dresses! I ordered the unisex in nude… I was skeptical that they would not roll or slip, but they don’t; it’s like a second skin!

So, whether you wear compression trunks or performance shorts with a trunk lining, you should choose something that prevents skin-on-skin contact. You’ll need to keep your thighs dry for a couple of days while they heal. Wear breathable cotton undies, pajamas and other clothing for optimal chafing relief. You may want to delay that daily workout until the area has completely healed. Adding an additional sweat rash ain’t gonna help. Running skirts often have shorts that are built-in and will protect against inner-thigh chafing.

Every few hours or so, take some time to clean yourself up with fresh water. Wash away all the salt crystals from every part whats puebes of your body. Use an absorbent body powder, cornstarch, or potato starch to stay dry in any areas where you have crevices .

After drying your skin you can slip the shorts over your swimsuit. The fabric of the swimwear and shorts will rub together instead of the fabric of the swimsuit and your skin. There are plenty of anti-chafe products that you can purchase that will help minimise the chances of your thighs chafing at the beach. If you’re not going to swim, then you could even use baby powder. It’ll prevent friction and leave your skin incredibly smooth. For creams, however, all you need to do is warm them up in your hands and apply them to your skin.

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