Roasted chicken slices can be added to this for a fresh meal. Kale with white onions is a potent weight loss food. Cut white onions into strips and curls and marinate in a mixture of rice vinegar, sugar, vinegar, and salt. Let sit for an hour in the fridge and then serve over a bed of steamed kale.

Onion juice and onion peel help boost metabolism. So, it is always suggested to include onions in your diet. Avoid onions in your diet if you are on blood thinners. Onions slow down blood clotting, and taking them with blood thinners may increase the risk of bruises and bleeding. Now that you know all about the relationship between onions and weight loss, let’s check out three ways to incorporate them into your diet.

This is a great benefit that makes onions a great choice when you are planning to lose weight. It has the exact characteristics one needs to lose weight in the right manner. Onions work as a great aphrodisiac for men and boost sex drive. They increase testosterone production, sperm count and help maintain longer erections. Cossuming raw onion also works directly on the endocrine glands, which produce sexual stamina-boosting hormones.

All these nutrients make onion one of the best vegetables to lose weight. It is better to eat the whole fruit because it contains the added fiber that helps you feel full. One 6-ounce serving of orange juice has 85 calories, compared to just 65 calories in a medium orange. walking vs biking weight loss Green onion is a source of Sulphur which is really beneficial for your body, but most importantly, it reduces the risk of developing cancer. Also, it fights cancer as it contains compounds like allyl sulphide and flavonoids that fight against cancer cell producing enzymes.

Spring onions contain carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin that protects our eyes. It is also a good option for eyes as it contains vitamin A that is extremely essential to keep your eyes healthy and maintain normal vision. Apart from this, these protect your eyes from inflammation and macular degeneration, that is a condition which can result in loss of vision. Onions are a rich source of prebiotics which help keep your future health in check.

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