You will realize a stunning sight in your room, and one that will give you a lot of comfort at night when you’re trying to sleep in an unfamiliar place. College Supply List provides extensive, itemized checklists of what items to take to college for dorm rooms, apartments, fraternities and sororities. In addition, we provide reviews on the best products for college, and guides on college related topics. We showed some love to the dog lovers, so it’s only fair that the feline fanatics get a sign, too, right?

Movie lovers everywhere immediately recognize that iconic symbol. This is an LED neon-style sign and has 3-D hand engraving. It is eco-friendly and sturdier than neon glass tubing and doesn’t get too hot or burn lots of amps.

Plus, as an LED option, it offers low energy consumption and can be customized to any color you choose. If you can’t find a way to fill a big wall that feels too empty, you can create a photo display with prints that inspire you or photos of your friends and family. I promise it will instantly make your dorm look more put together.

It will give your space a cleaner look which will make your room seem bigger. You can also use the wall on your desk area by hanging a wire grid. It’s a good way to decorate your wall, or even put your school schedules and to-do lists. Make sure the rest of decor like pillows and bed sheets is white so it doesn’t look tacky.

They are super subtle so it doesn’t look tacky, and it’s also a great source of light! Sometimes it can be hard to define your style and find the perfect decorations. So I definitely wish I had found all these college dorm room ideas earlier because they would have made my life so much easier. That is with the help of LED neon lighting, signs and more. For those of you who are more seasoned pros in the art of dorm room “chic,” we’ve even got some LED neon design tips for you as well.

Seriously, just a splash will do, and it will look cool too. If you want to get even funkier, get a black light, and when you turn off the lights, you will freak out. Next, we have an ’80s nostalgia sign coming straight out of the 1988 film Cocktail. Plus, the large, clear “Cocktails & Dreams” slogan hussian makes this sign one you will want to show off — hang it outdoors in the backyard or over a home bar or beer pub setting. This Lightning Bolt Neon Art Sign is a great option for dorm rooms. Environmentally friendly and safe, this light is hazard-free with no glass breakage or leakage risk.

This Nike-inspired neon sign comes courtesy of MK Neon and is a great addition to any hypebeast’s sneaker collection. A must-have for any celebration, this light-up neon sign in cursive reads “cheers” and is a best-seller. The ultimate addition to any holiday, birthday party or dinner you host, this sign allows you to spruce up your home for guests with minimal effort. It would also make a stylish addition hung above a bar cart.

This catwalk neon sign outlines the silhouette of a trotting cat – place it above a bookshelf or a console. It’s a versatile decorative piece for any room in the house. After all, cats walk around like they own the place anyway.

They are super cute and look perfect in this combination of pink and grey tones. The semester has just begun, and you’re ready to light up every room. You plan on wearing the cutest back-to-school outfit, and raising your hand constantly in class. Even when it’s early in the morning, you’ll put on a smile and wave to your friends from across the quad. You’re crossing your fingers that this energy radiates into your dorm room, and that’s totally possible with the right decor.

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