But a push and a shove are enough to irk the cricket hyper-patriots. Not lost in all this was the new Ashes-like cricket rivalry brewing between two ‘friendly’ neighbours, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In a nail-biting, elbow-hitting and bat-raising match Wednesday, Pakistan won by one wicket. But what remains is thealtercationbetween Afghan bowler Fareed Ahmad and Pakistan’s Asif Ali.

For that reason alone, Afghans should count all their blessings because they don’t come from heavens above but from their friendly neighbour. This is not the first nor the last time that such an incident occurs among cricket players or supporters. Neither the hooliganism nor the dramatic brushing of an entire nation with racial slurs is condoned.

Umar Farooq Zahoor holds the watch and other accessories in various prime time television appearances. But the former PM claims that Zahoor is not the one the watch was sold to. A silver lining, at least no one is denying selling it.

Declared a terrorist entity and banned last year, then unbanned and taken off the terror list, should TLP interest the Financial Action Task Force to get people to understand the menace they’ve created? That will be the only way for the State of Pakistan to take TLP’s rise and ramifications seriously. Just like in the case of its other ‘asset’ Lashkar-e-Taiba. Till that happens, let’s take solace in the fact that these young men at least have role models. Even if it’s Ilm Dins and Mumtaz Qadris in pursuit of their Geert Wilders and Nupur Sharmas. Over the last seven years, TLP has become synonymous with anti-blasphemy campaigns in Pakistan.

And the sons of assassins are considered ‘jaan nasheens‘ of the great cause. In 2018, The Netherlands arrested a Pakistani man who was plotting to kill a Right-wing Dutch MP Geert instagram usernames baddies Wilders for announcing a $10,000 Prophet Muhammad cartoon competition. Inspired by the TLP, 26-year-old Junaid Gujjar vowed to send Wilders ‘to hell’ for insulting the Prophet.

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