Get to know the offensive minded NESCAC program that has utilized HitTrax to engage their players and elevate their performance. HitTrax has definitely provided a spark to our training camwood all american program environment and has opened an entirely new revenue stream for our business. One of the best things about HitTrax is that there is no human error— the results are what they are—period.

By reviewing large samples sets, coaches get a true sense of a player’s abilities and can recognize their full potential. The HitTrax baseball simulator machine is a new feature at TopHand. However, one element that the HitTrax system doesn’t record is the ball’s spin. Most of the data presented are for the speed, location, and distance traveled by the ball. It can’t record the ball’s spinning motion, even with the pre-set simulations. But what if you want to buy a batting cage with the HitTrax system?

We offer the best value and productivity for indoor baseball & softball training. Players or teams can come in one time or set up a long-term program. We will customize a plan to meet and exceed you or your team’s needs.

“We are thrilled that the selection committee has again chosen HitTrax as one of their Best of Show award winners.” The physical size of the new platform is significantly reduced compared to its predecessor as the system utilizes a two-camera configuration to capture the incoming pitch and outgoing hit. This smaller form factor allows the system to be more portable with varying mounting options to fit every scenario. On the software side, enhancements to the tracking algorithms are used to capture metrics during outdoor practices, assessments, and events thus collecting valuable data during indoor and on-field sessions.

TRUE uses proprietary technology to create the most precise fitting experience ever at the youth level. Increase your player’s enjoyment of the game by fitting them for the right bat at the right time of their baseball development. Wood baseball and softball bats for every level from little league to pro. Highest quality ash, maple, and birch baseball bats 100% made in USA. HitTrax is an excellent, modern, and fun way to learn and improve baseball.

Go head-to-head with a batter while simultaneously capturing all pitch and resulting hit metrics. Results matter, so paint the corners and build your arsenal. Enjoy a comfortable, clean, and fun environment for both players and parents. The cost of entry is $125 for a team of up to five players, or $25 per person. Gamers can also use SyncPlay, wherein they can play with other HitTrax players in real-time.

“Don’t bother with Dick’s batting cages unless you’re going to buy new bars. Despite what the website for this location says, batting cages aren’t available for, you know, batting practice.” Don’t bother with Dick’s batting cages unless you’re going to buy new bars. Despite what the website for this location says, batting cages aren’t available for, you know, batting practice. Bat Flip Baseball is the ONLY place where you can try a Phoenix bat BEFORE you buy! Take some swings in our HitTrax batting cages and get a detailed report on each bat you try. Available with your cage rental or $5 per bat for walk-ins.

It even got an old retired player like myself to swing the bat again! The machine has a ramp that feeds the balls so the batter can see the ball the whole way down, which helps with the batters timing. The three wheel system then provides very consistent pitches, down the middle 90% of the time, every time. 16’x16′ cages give you a non claustrophobic feeling which also gives you the feeling of confidence and power. The open concept also provides a large space for pitching, catching, and any drills you wish to perform.

Strike zone charts help direct a hitter’s plan as they ready for gameplay. By using data from HitTrax, a player can make swing decisions by attacking pitches with the highest likelihood to produce an effective batted ball. HitTrax identifies hard hit balls as any ball within 90% of the player’s peak EV. So if a player’s peak EV is 100 mph, any ball hit 90 mph or harder would be considered a HHB. It is important to note that even for balls that fall slightly under the HHB threshold HitTrax can still produce positive outcomes as these are batted balls that likely fall in front or between outfielders. While launch angle is basically an offshoot of the swing, bat path, and timing, it is a key metric to consider when evaluating batted ball output.

HitTrax is the first and only baseball simulator in the market. It offers players personalized statistics helping them become more in-tune with their playing techniques when practicing in an indoor training environment. It does this by transforming any batting cage into a hi-tech analytics and stats center enabling players to enhance their hitting and pitching techniques before stepping onto the field. Enhance your training with HitTrax real-time statistics and key performance metrics such as exit ball velocity, distance, pitch speed, late break of pitch, strike zone analysis, spray charts and more. The immediate feedback empowers hitters and pitchers, leading to more productive training sessions with quantitative results. Launched in 2013, HitTrax is the first and only baseball simulator on the market.

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