In 2018, the film, “Pihu” was on the list of 27 Indian Films along with the film, “Village Rockstars,” which were nominated for the Oscar. On 17 November 2013, her parents organised a grand party to celebrate her first birthday. Although it is not confirmed if Pihu is based on this incident, there are certainly a lot of similarities between the two. Pihu Movie Trailer have been released and the Real Life Story Based film Started Taking Round on the Web. It’s a True Story Inspired Film Based on a Little Girl who Trapped Alone into the House and What She is doing inside the House is Hard to Believe for you. Additionally, there was one such incident in New York in March 2017 that had an uncanny similarity with the storyline of Pihu.

The little girl tried to wake up her mother, shakes her arm, slaps her face but she just would not wake up. Ronnie Screwvala and Siddharth Roy Kapur, under their banners RSVP and Roy Kapur Films respectively, are co-producing Pihu. “It’s always thrilling to come across directors who want to tell stories that disrupt the status quo using bold new narrative styles,” Siddharth Roy Kapur had said in an earlier interview to news agency IANS.

They filmed the movie in the same apartment. The film shows a day in the life of a Pihu who just turned two years old yesterday. And today, she was left alone in the apartment. Pihu does not understand what is happening, thinking that mom is just sleeping. But instead, the girl looks for food, entertains herself, and tries to get a doll that has fallen from the balcony.

It was not normal for pregnant mothers to exhibit such symptoms, and my basic medical scans had not revealed anything serious until then. The little girl has narrated the entire incident to the police. No case has been registered yet and investigations are underway, a sub inspector at Madhoganj police station in Gwalior said. On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, Pihu currently has a rating of 67%.

Myra Vishwakarma didn’t give any auditions for this film. Director Vinod Kapri who is a close friend of Myra’s Father saw her at a party and asked him if he would allow his daughter to play the character of Pihu. In this film, Pihu’s parents are played by the actresses real parents. She didn’t give any audition for birds dancing in the sky Piku; as Vinod Kapri saw her for the first time at a party and immediately decided to give her the lead role in the film. The commotion of the neighbors are heard as the electricity starts fluctuating and also the water coming out from the house. Little Pihu answers each time they knock which they cannot hear.

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