MagellanTV has many documentary collections that are better and more informative than just about any other streaming service available. Kanopy isn’t the only free video streaming service, but it offers the most high-quality documentaries and films of any of them. Another Editors’ Choice winner, Peacock, includes lots of mainstream movies and network TV shows—some of them documentaries. It’s usually $59 for a one-year subscription to this documentary streaming service, but you can snag it at a special early Black Friday price. Use the codeSAVE15NOVat checkout and pay just$30.59for a limited time. Learning new things as an adult is a great way to keep your brain healthy.

This is probably the most frustrated I’ve been while trying to watch any form of media. I emailed the company and was told they’re updating it but that was like a while ago and there hasn’t been a single update at all. I’d cancel my subscription but I’ve already been charged for like half a year. If you haven’t tried Magellan yet, wait for changes first.

Over time, I slowly discovered a handful of genuinely useful streaming services. With the cost of 4K televisions going down, more and more people are getting them. We are strongly committed to supporting this technology with super high-quality shows that will thrill audiences with exceptional viewing experiences. MagellanTV features a growing slate of 4K shows, especially in the genres of space and nature, and we expect that growth to accelerate. We offer three membership plans depending on the length of the membership. The best value is our annual plan, which costs $59.88 USD every 12 months.

New shows are added weekly, so there’s always something new to watch for avid viewers. Seriously though, no fast forward or rewind options on a streaming service app in late 2022? Most free video streaming apps have this feature let alone one that is 5 bucks a month.

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