Record your video in advance and then create a Premiere to replace your live broadcast. Premiering a video on Facebook allows your business to enter the world of live streaming without the pressure of broadcasting live footage. Losing control like this is a pain, but it can also be a plus.

The buyer’s guide to live video shopping solutionsGet everything you need to find the right live video shopping solution for your needs. Emplifi WebinarsGet the latest insights on social media marketing, social commerce, live commerce, and CX, straight from the experts. Upload a pre-produced video and schedule it to stream to multiple destinations from Resi’s cloud.

Regular license can be used by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. If this product is an add-on of another product, then you can buy extended license of parent product only and purchase regular license of the this product. Yes, you can stream to a custom RTMP wendys destination by configuring a custom platform in the Castr dashboard. Or any platforms that support the HLS and RTMP protocols. Yes, we do not have direct integration with Instagram and TikTok, but you can stream using RTMP key. Set up multiple scenes that will switch one after another automatically.

Choose which of the three options fits best for you. And if for some reason you decide LIVEpigeon is no longer a good fit for your business, you can cancel anytime. Content and share it with the world, LIVE on YOUR schedule. Every day you not only have to put out fires, but also create new content and programs to better serve your customers. There’s no better way to build your brand AND automate your marketing at the same time.

Learn how to publish a pre-recorded video as “live” content with Facebook Premier in these simple, step-by-step instructions. When I use a premier instead of a live, I record the broadcast in one take as if it’s live, this gives consistency to my regular viewers. You can set up ads for pre-recorded videos before they are published to your page.

To keep it visually interesting, you have to change “scenes” regularly and introduce prerecorded elements. The art of the organic reach on Facebook has changed over time, but you can still take advantage of it. A big way to accomplish this is to maintain a mixture of regular Facebook posts and Facebook Live videos. The live videos are the major pull, as they tend to garner more engagement. So, spacing them out will maximize the organic reach of all of your posts. It’s no secret that livestreaming has taken off in a major way.

Don’t just be limited to using one Facebook page or one YouTube channel. LIVEpigeon is perfect for influencers, experts, authors, speakers, course creators, ecommerce owners, and marketers who want to build a personal or business brand online. You can add an overlay to your video, choose a theme or background, add your logo, and more. Plus, your audience will be thrilled to hear you mention their name and answer their questions when you are live. To switch to Only me, look for the privacy settings. Then, you should see the options and be able to select Only me from this list below.

In these split-screen broadcasts, you can advertise to both your existing audience and your guests’. Just make sure you ask them to promote the broadcast on their channel. When you’re ready, click the Go Live button on the bottom left of the screen. When you’re done, tap Finish to end the livestream. When you broadcast a Facebook Live video, it will appear on your page, group or event and may also show up in the Feed or on Facebook Watch.

In my case, I’m letting it stream even after the video is minimized by using the option “Always play even when not visible”. According to Facebook, you can premiere videos on any Page, as long as you have admin access. Facebook and Youtube both have the facility to play pre-recorded video as if it were live.

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