Apply to hair, focusing on lengths and ends, twisting sections as you work your way down. I use a highly concentrated purple shampoo for brassiness every other week or so on top of this, but I think the purple tint does help combat brassiness in between those treatments. Living in Colorado, I have a feeling that I’ll be grateful to have it in my collection this winter when the weather is a lot colder and drier. You also have the option to select ‘Fragrance-Free’ if you don’t want a scent at all. Each question allows the formula to be altered to fit you best. Your formula will include ingredients that protect from damage, as well as play nice with any chemical treatment you might have.

When she’s not changing duvet covers or washing towels twice a day for articles, she loves talking about and trying the newest snacks, drinks, andfood gifts. You can see more of her testing process and other behind-the-scenes of being a product journalist on her Instagram @connayreviews. Get your personalized haircare formula at Function of Beauty here.

When considering a new product, most people like to dive straight into the online reviews. It gives you insight into what real-life customers are saying about their experiences and can give you a preview of what a product is really like. Although I decided that I didn’t really need the Prose pre-shampoo hair mask , I felt that the shampoo and conditioner both lived up to and surpassed my expectations. Form Beauty, which is specifically developed for women with curls, twists, and textured hair and has a hair professional–guided quiz that looks at your lifestyle and styling preferences to custom build an entire routine. When choosing a new beauty product, the best advice comes from experience. We’ve collated online reviews for each of our three pickings to help you decide which personalized product to invest in.

After answering all questions and choosing among four scents, Prose generated a breakdown of each of our hair and scalp characteristics, followed by the ingredients in each of our products. All of their products are cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free and sustainable. For testing purposes, I got sent a customized shampoo, conditioner, curl cream, dry shampoo, and two supplements for hair growth and scalp balance. Pricing all depends on what kind of subscriptions or products you decide to bundle. Upon delivery, I was a bit disappointed that the bottles are on the small side — but, actually, in a way it was a blessing as it forced me to rethink how I don’t really need that much product to get my hair clean. The privilege of using customized hair care also means that I am forcing myself to use these products sparingly but correctly.

While it’s considered safe in moderation, some people may want to avoid it altogether. Fragrances – Although fragrances aren’t inherently harmful, some people prefer to avoid them. Fragrances are a potential irritant and increase your risk of an allergic reaction. Luckily, you can select freelance free products during the questionnaire.

For many of us, creating a hair care routine is not a simple game. While some lucky folks might be happy with the same shampoo and conditioner they’ve been using for years, most of us struggle with finding products that make us look and feel good. And, similar to many of the contemporary DTC brands on the market, Prose pledges to be a responsible company with its lineup of cruelty-free products that contain zero sulfates, parabens, and mineral oils. When re-ordering Prose Shampoo, you can request a new product mix if you have new hair concerns. By filling out the do perms permanently damage your hair, you can order both the Prose shampoo and conditioner together using the same inputs. You can also order any other Prose custom products using the same answers you entered.

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