Well, I now have the answer to carrying over the fabulousness of your hair to the next day, and it lies in how you carry your hair to sleep. I understand the frustration of having to sleep with your wonderful hair, only to wake up to a messy, frizzy and lion mane hair. I can understand split dye red the pain as I’ve gone through the experience of waking up to tangled hair. But how do you intend for this awesomeness to stay through the night till the next day, and then the next, and the next? This is without having to go through the hassle of shampooing and styling again and again.

Some popular options include French braids, fishtail braids, and rope braids, all of which are pretty easy to assemble. Experiment over several nights to find the most comfortable overnight braids for you. If you have long curly hair, you should reconsider your sleeping position in order to preserve and maintain your curl definition. The best way to sleep with long curly hair is to lie on your stomach or your side. Treating your hair with oil before bed is a sure-shot way of infusing life into your hair, taming frizz, and treating damage. Hair oils are packed with nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E and essential fatty acids that can help lock in moisture in your hair through the night.

Depending on your hair type, you might prefer to use a silk or satin material to reduce friction even more while you sleep. Try sleeping in braids to get wavy hair the next morning. You will wake up to a few kinks of waves in your hair, which is how you can protect them from breakage during the night.

If your morning goal is straight and even hair, consider a wrap method to keep your hair secured in place. Start by brushing out clean, dry hair that has been straightened. Create a middle part, then flip a large section of hair over to the other side. Use your hand to hold down the back of your hair and prevent any lumps.

With this hairstyle, you can specifically target some areas of the hair, and style them in such a way that they don’t flatten as you sleep. For short curly hair textures, you can try the multi-pineapple method where you pineapple 2 to 3 sections of your hair to stretch your roots without denting your coils. Whether you want longer hair or thicker hair, focusing on hair growth is probably on your mind. Most hair rollers require damp or dry hair, which will dry completely overnight.

Hence, you need to switch your pillowcase to soft fabric such as silk or satin to prevent hair damage. There is no better time than bedtime to treat your scalp and hair with nourishing hair serums. Applying a natural or Ayurvedic serum to your scalp overnight rejuvenates your hair follicles and boosts your hair growth. Similarly, applying a serum to the hair shaft at night enables you to wake up with soft and frizz-free hair in the morning.

Blend cocoa butter and biotin to deeply moisturize and strengthen fragile or breakage-prone hair. Tie the ponytail at the base of your neck, or right at the top of your head so it doesn’t dig into your skull as you sleep. For your convenience, our website will calculate your fortnightly payments just below the ‘add to cart’ button. That way you’re well aware of what the repayments will look like. Our website will calculate your fortnightly payments just below the ‘add to cart’ button. If it’s your first time using AfterPay, the first instalment will be automatically charged to the card you provide at checkout.

This is like killing two birds with one stone, your hair stays protected and the waves come out better. Also, apply some quality mousse or gel with great hold after washing your hair to hold in your waves and keep them from falling flat. You’re not alone in this, believe me, it’s a universal Rapunzel problem .

When you are too tired and forget to protect your hair while sleeping, it can result in hair breakage and damage. To avoid this, you can resort to simple and quick steps such as applying hair oil or using a silk pillowcase or silk cap. If you want to tie your hair to help you sleep better, you should tie it in a braid, loose bun, or two braids with silk ties before going to sleep. Hairbands and buns are likely to mess with the perfect linear outline of your hair strands.

And the best idea is to ask your hair extensions master to give you all the necessary recommendations for your type of extensions. Just as stated earlier, the best way to wear hair to bed to prevent breakage while sleeping is to make sure it isn’t rubbing against a rough surface. Get a great quality silk scarf/bonnet and silk pillowcases for snooze time. If you like to wear your hair wavy then this is the perfect summer protective hairstyle for you.

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