Kanthi is the only daughter of Chakravarthy and falls in love with Vikramarka. The young officer foils Guru Narayan’s plan to harm Chakravarthy, but the gangster kidnaps Kanthi to take revenge. How the protagonist saves Kanthi from the goons forms the crux in the tale.

One wonders how could the director convince Karthikeya and the producers of the film. The production values are good and every frame looks good. All the songs are not impressive and they are placed wrong. The editing work raja vikramarka reviews and others are pretty average. Raja Vikramarka offers nothing on the whole and will end up as one more dud for Karthikeya. If there’s one thing that’s commendable in this flick, it’s Kartikeya’s performance – as always.

You see it coming, but still find it engrossing. Songs are kept to the minimum, dialogues are well written and the film boasts of technical finesse. The action scenes have been shot well, giving credence to the thriller. The story has a good supporting cast like Harshavardhan and a surprise in the form of Sudhakar Kommakula who returns with a reasonably big role.

Here is our review of the latest box office release. Kartikeya Gummakonda’s latest film “Raja Vikramarka” has succeeded in gaining our attention with the teaser itself. Debut writer-director Sri Saripalli impresses with his one-liners penned for Kartikeya and Tanikella. He must also be appreciated for choosing a different thriller with NIA backdrop for his debut. However, he should have come up with a far more engaging narrative laced with convincing characterizations and taut drama.

The actor’s Raja Vikramarka now in the direction of Sri Saripalli is releasing today. The trailer of the movie caught attention with the sharp visuals and the secret agent stuff. Raja Vikramarka is the new film of actor Kartikeya. He will be seen playing the role of an agent in the movie, which promises to be a nice mix of action and comedy.

It is due to the mistake of Vikram, a crucial evidence gets missed. It is then, Vikram takes the responsibility of the security of the Home Minister without his notice. This happens to be his major task and it is then, Vikram turns a LIC Agent and impresses Kanthi , the daughter of the Home Minister. He finally stops the attack on Home Minister and gets the mission accomplished. The real twist comes here and the rest of Raja Vikramarka is all about what happens next. Watch the film to know about the story and about the real twist.

The film is a good watch and full marks to the writing department. Logic, pace, and tautness is what one would expect from such films and Sri Saripalli’s work disappoints on all three counts. As far as spy-thrillers go, Raja Vikramarka is a lame one, considering not once during the film do you feel any adrenaline rush. The simple and predictable story doesn’t really rise above the ground level.

First things first, the love story in Raja Vikramarka is so old that we can predict the frames and acts in the song where the couple falls for each other. Hero impressing with his straightforward nature and also by taking her to the place she always wished to visit but couldn’t, is a vintage formula. The love track slows the movie down very badly. Raja Vikramarka is the story of Vikram who is an NIA cop. The state’s Home Minister Chakravarthy lands in trouble because of the Naxalites.

‘Raja Vikramarka’ centers on a predictable thought. Without hesitation, I say that the plotline reeks of illogicality. A hero saving CM/PM/Home Minister’s daughter as an undercover agent itself is a clichéd point. Furthermore, the main conflict is not at all convincing. One can understand if Guru Narayan, the one who has a history with the home minister, becomes the main villain, but the so-called twist completely looks absurd. Raja Vikramarka , an NIA officer instead of getting suspended for his mistakes, is given an assignment by his boss Mahendra .

In terms of acting, Raja Vikramarka’s role is tailor-made one for Kartikeya. Tanya Ravichandran’s character doesn’t give her any scope to perform. A talent like Pasupathy, who entertained all with his acting prowess in Sarpatta Parambarai, is wasted here. When the film relies on an unconvincing line, it is hard to get hooked to the screen. “Raja Vikrarmka” suffers from the implausibility factor. It is not the first time that the young actor has poor judgment skills about scripts.

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