‘Senapathi’, supported by a dark performance from Rajendra Prasad and a sincere one from Naresh Agasthya, is a decent watch. Senapathi is the remake of the Tamil hit 8 Thottakkal. But director Pawan Sadineni worked on the script music venues fort collins and has given his own spin to it. The film is a crime thriller and is started on a slow note. Not that proceedings are dull but Pawan takes his own time to establish the work of Krishna and what he has gone through in life.

There is a conscious effort to attain a specific look within the realistic space. Vivek Kalepu’s cinematography helps partially in achieving that. It could have been a bit sharper at places, though. Overall, Senapathi takes a lot of time to get going, but it delivers eventually. It offers a proper blend of emotion and thriller elements in a realistic setting. Watch it if you like the genre, but have the expectations in check.

Emotions are okay but most of the story goes on a serious note. If you are a comedy-loving person then this film is not for you. Director Pavan Sadineni designed every character perfectly.

The glimpse is slick and innovatively cut, where the film’s gist is narrated in the form of a burra katha with multiple mythological parallels. The voice-over of a folk artiste, while taking the viewer through a few sequences from Senapathi, talks of the emergence of Lord Krishna in a modern-day avatar during Kaliyuga. In the case of the film, it’s hinted that there are two avatars of Krishna, who, despite having the same motive, tread different paths. The icing on the cake is Rajendra Prasad’s final dialogue on a pawn in a chessboard and how he warns about the need to be careful with it.

Senior Actor Rajendra Prasad Playing main lead role. Rajendra Prasad’s character becomes the soul of the drama. When he is around, the crime thriller assumes the form of an emotional roller-coaster here and there. The entry of Harshavardhan’s character adds a touch of humour. As someone who has to lead the operation to recover the lost revolver, he delivers an easy performance. Commander SEAT begins with the promise of an edge of crime drama but gradually turns into an emotional story.

The scenes between him and his creepy boss at the workplace make a point. Murthy, the feared mystery man, takes time to enter the scene. And when he comes in, he makes his brooding presence felt. Together with his partners in crime , Murthy commits a crime. Hi, we have noted your feedback regarding buffering issue and regret the inconvenience caused.

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