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These made them suitable for dashboard or windshield placement, where their tiny footprint won’t interfere with vehicle operation. Eventually, other manufacturers followed suit—Ford offered Sync, BMW had BMW Assist, and Mercedes developed mbrace. You can take extra steps to protect your car, and using the integrated safety tech is often the best option.

As the number of IoT sensors in CCTV cameras along highways grow, data can be collected to help solve traffic and congestion problems along major thoroughfares and delivery routes. Connected cars are also able to predict traffic patterns with the help of signal phase and timing information collected through IoT vehicles. As technologies like artificial intelligence, data science, manufacturing and deep learning become more advanced, so too will vehicles themselves. These fields act as the backbone for everything from autonomous vehicles to aerospace travel, and even function as the basis for ride-hailing platforms like Uber and Lyft. Because of the enormous potential these technologies hold, transportation technology has become one of the fastest-growing and highly-contested fields in the world.

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