Depending on the shipping method, the carrier will assign you a tracking number so that you can follow the progress of your package to its final destination, your doorstep. The Low Impact Test Hammer has a number of specialized applications. It is typically used for thin concrete specimens (between 50mm (2″) and 100mm (4″) thick) such as sidewalks, bridgedecks and some driveways. The unit can be used on plaster and morar as well to verify consistancy. The Test Hammer is also used on brittle rock cores where a larger impact will damage the specimen. These units are commonly used to classify rock cores and brittle rock specimens.

You just have to register on our website, you will then receive our addresses in Europe and in the US. When you place an order on the site that does not ship to your country, you will enter our address and your customer reference. We will receive your parcel, you will then be able to choose your carrier, pay the delivery costs and the customs fees if necessary. You will then be able to ask for a forwarding to the country of your choice.

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Shipping costs vary depending on the size of your parcel, its destination and the carrier. We offer several delivery options such as grouping parcels or insuring your parcels during shipment. Order from any website, we will take care of the delivery of your parcel.

Discard values for multiple test results can be set; the mean, median and compressive strength can also be calculated. Digital hammers for the quick and easy determination of the strength of concrete. We have created a strong foot hold in the market for its varied range of products. With the stringent quality checking techniques we ensure that the products manufactured by us meet the required market standards.

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