A short-term solution to spare capacity is to seek reductions in operating costs. For instance, management might ask staff to take leave, reduce number of check in counters open, limit number lifts operating and close off entire floors of a building to reduce operating costs during off peak periods as a means of achieving cost savings. In addition, routine maintenance tasks or planned refurbishment activities, which involve downtime, should be carried out during off peak periods to minimize disruption to patrons. ABSTRACT Service quality perceptions is accepted to be one of the determinants of customer satisfaction and repeat purchase thus received considerable attention in services marketing literature. Nevertheless, service quality issues appear to have received limited attention in car rental services. Furthermore, there is lack of previously developed scale exclusively measuring service quality in car rental services.

When evaluating the servicescape, the combined effect of all the elements must also be taken into consideration. The servicescapes model was developed by Mary Jo Bitner and published in 1992. It is an applied model, specifically developed to inform the analysis of service environments, and was influenced by both stimulus-response theory and environmental psychology. Service quality continues to grow in importance in the marketing literature. One area, however, that has been relatively neglected is educational services. The present study, utilizing 686 business students and 13 professors across three university types, was designed to examine service expectations from both student and professor perspectives.

All types of documents are considered, including citable and non citable documents. The set of journals have been ranked according to their SJR and divided into four equal groups, four quartiles. Q1 comprises the quarter of the journals with the highest values, Q2 the second highest values, Q3 the third highest values and Q4 the lowest values. Please email the journal editor – you will find their contact details on the editorial team tab on this page. If you ever suspect an email you’ve received from Emerald might not be genuine, you are welcome to verify it with the content editor for the journal, whose contact details can be found on the editorial team tab on this page. To find tips on increasing the visibility of your published paper, read abouthow to promote your work.

The model shows that there are different types of response – individual response and interaction responses (e.g. social interactions). These responses should be understood as a continuum, rather than a discrete emotion, and customers can be visualized as falling anywhere along the continuum. Service operations are often characterized by far more uncertainty with respect to the flow of demand. This refers to the finite carrying capacity for most service operators and the lack of inventory which serves as a buffer against unexpected or peak demand. A distinctive feature of services is that production and consumption cannot be separated. “Services are processes that provide time, place, form, problem-solving or experiential value to the recipient.”

In a service setting the environmental stimuli might include lighting, ambient temperature, background music, layout and interior-design. In essence, the model proposes that people’s responses exhibit both emotional marketing strategy for candle business and behavioural responses to stimuli in the external environment. Standardisation, sometimes called the McDonald’s approach, helps to reduce perceived risk because consumers can rely on a known product and quality.

Scholars soon began to recognise that services were important in their own right, rather than as some residual category left over after goods were taken into account. By the mid twentieth century, scholars began defining services in terms of their own unique characteristics, rather than by comparison with products. The following set of definitions shows how scholars were grappling with the distinctive aspects of service products and developing new definitions of service. Bank Management Information and communication technology has changed the way in which banks provide services to its customers.

Now the banks are required to chase the customers; only those banks which are customercentric and extremely focused on the needs of their clients can succeed in their business today. India is one of the fastest growing telecommunication markets in the world. It is the youth which is the real growth driver of the telecom industry in India. Considering this fact, the present paper is an attempt to give a snapshot of how frequently young people use their mobile phones for several embodied functions of the cell phones. Data was collected from a sample of 208 mobile phone owners, aged between 20 and 29.

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