There are, however, specific face shapes that work best for a buzz, burr, or butch cut. If you aren’t sure what your head shape is, check out this handy guide from The Art of Manliness. As Elvis Presley took off and Beatlemania invaded the states, rock n rollers outgrew their flat tops, and pompadours took over. With anti-war sentiments on the rise During the 1960s and 70s, the buzz cut became a symbol of the establishment. A majority of youth abandoned it in favor of shag cuts and long hair. Now that we’ve given you 5 reasons to consider a buzz cut let’s take a look at the different buzz cut styles at your disposal.

Because tying your curly hair up into a man bun can be simple, sleek and fashionable, young men love the look. While this typically involves growing our hair and beards longer, a buzz cut is an equally radical move that achieves the same result of reinventing yourself. Short crochet hairstyles with curly hair are also possible with a pixie cut. These gorgeous brown crochet curls are enough to prove the point.

Specifically, the curly comb over fade can be a sophisticated and handsome hairstyle for curly hair. Check out this barbershop video of Eric Bandholz’s buzz cut fade. Notice how the top is kept a little longer to allow for more contrast. With darker hair, butterfly locs with natural hair you can go even shorter on top, as demonstrated in this buzz cut fade with an added surgical line. If your curly pixie has left you wondering about your wedding day hairstyle, don’t you worry. Pair your messy ruffled curly pixie with a flower crown.

Your curls will bounce off and gleam in the sunlight, giving you the perfect spin that you desired. Wear your tapered cut at whatever length you’d like. Ariella has long, bouncy curls on top, and a dope design along the sides of her cut. Janelle is showing off her beautiful curls and a tapered cut with a slightly elaborate zig-zag design. Although the increased maintenance requirements of curls can frustrate some men, a lot of others would absolutely love to have them.

Who says buzz cuts can’t be edgy haven’t been acquainted with hair coloring, more specifically platinum ones. Easily stand out from a crowd of buzz cuts by adding color to it. Add your own pattern and design to a buzz cut for that instant oomph to your look. Before you make a trip to the barbershop to get a buzz cut, be sure you know which variation you want and what clipper setting it uses.

By opting for a messier look, you’ll have the chance to style your hair with minimal effort. You’ll feel like a French goddess with this new style and you’ll place more of an emphasis on your eyes as well. Naturally curly hair is often see as difficult to style with bangs, but you can do split bangs, side bangs, etc. Just look for a cut that complements your tresses.

A simple solution to this frustration would be to show your barber a photo of the style you’re hoping to emulate. This can potentially save you a lot of grief, and also help you maintain a solid relationship with your barber. Be extra-clear about the level at which you want the fade to end, as well as what length you want the fade to start from. If you want a skin fade, tell your barber right from the outset.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this style that hasn’t been written above. I only mention it because it’s important to know that it isn’t just the hair on top that can be varied with a Crew Cut. As you’d expect, however, the maintenance requirements are higher than that of a simple Induction Cut. You’ll almost certainly need some professional help from a barber to trim it, and most likely some relatively high grooming necessities. It’s great because it adds a modern twist to a fairly traditional style while maintaining a sense of subtlety. However, take maintenance requirements into consideration as well.

You are already aware of the difficulties during the maintenance process. If you were trying to simplify your life, opting for short Induction Cuts would be ideal. You’ll probably need a barber to cut it and maybe some other highly pricey grooming supplies.

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