Alternatively, consider a quick wash or even a little bit of dry shampoo before you start styling. Repeat step 4 and finish off the hair at your hairline on your left side. Using a texturizing spray or gel is an excellent option if apple cider vinegar to lighten dyed hair you have thin, flat hair. These products help hair naturally take on a fuller look. Even better, it’ll make it easier to hold your curtain bangs in an updo if you decide to toss them into a ponytail at your end-of-the-day workout.

Alternate the direction you curl the hair to add dimension and texture. “It’s simple yet looks like you just walked out of the salon,” Villa says. Villa says to reach for a straightener if you’re in a pinch.

This hair is low-key really easy to curl, since hair near the hairline isn’t as thick as the rest of your hair. Make sure you mist on a heat-protectant spray to prevent your hair from getting fried or damaged. Then, gather the section on the right side of your head and collect all the hair that makes up the curtain bangs. Clip this hair back, and follow the same procedure on your left side. Heat protectants are the other piece of the puzzle when protecting your curtain bangs from heat damage.

Furthermore, by using a 1-inch round brush when you’re blow-drying your bangs, they’ll land in your flat iron plates with fullness already built into them. Follow the steps below, and get ready for people to do a double-take when they see your flat iron-styled curtain bangs. It’s fun to experiment with different hairstyles, but not when your strands are caked with dirt, excess oil, and grime. Start with freshly washed hair and use a shampoo that can help make your strands soft and smooth to make styling easy. If you want a face-framing style, go for the three roller method. This is where you take the front of your bangs and place the roller directly underneath your hair and then curl inward instead of outward.

Instead of styling the hair towards two sides of the head, remaining wispy hair in the middle is an amazing choice. Especially when your forehead is a bit high, wispy curtain bangs can help you cover it and give a youthful look. This is a special and top choice among dozens of curtain bangs styles.

The best way to do this is with a half an inch flat iron that can go all the way up to your roots. For side-swept bangs, you will want to make sure that your flat iron has a curved edged to help create a curl. To flat iron your bangs, you’ll need a fine tooth comb and a half-inch flat iron. If you are planning on using a flat iron for your bangs regularly, a flat iron made for bangs will be worth the investment. Large flat irons increase the chances of having kinks and creases in your bangs and are not ideal for this type of styling.

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