Please send all returns to the below address with the original receipt. Returns are at your cost except in the case of faulty items. Make sure your delivery address is secure and attended during business hours. For as long as we can remember, baseball has always been a huge part of our lives.

Sure, with upside-down tees, you see more of the ball, but many of the newer top-rated batting tees come with an elevated top for better visibility. So even if it could be a valid point previously, these days, it is not exactly a dealbreaker. Both designs will give you enough visibility to help you strike properly. The quality of a baseball tee largely depends on the base and the frame construction regardless of its design. And with Backspin Tees, you get a high-quality weighted base that does not cause any stability issues as you practice hitting the ball.

The Backspin Tee Pro features a classic design with a heavy steel plate. Once you set it up on the ground, it will stay still and you will not have to worry about tee walking or any other stability issues. Even with strong strikes, the base and the post of the backspin batting tee remain perfectly stable. Please note that processing times usually vary between 5-7 business days, may however occasionally take longer, depending on your card issuer.

This means before you start practicing against a pitcher or a pitching machine,you need to learn the proper strike zones in the ball and how you can hit them efficiently. There are tees in 29 of the 30 MLB Teams that we are aware of, and hundreds of colleges in both baseball and softball. On the flip side, if you hit the bottom half of the ball on our tee you hit nothing but the ball with positive feedback. Of course, on a normal tee you might be hitting the rubber on bottom half of the ball hits and then getting a negative feel. Backspin Tee is one of the most stylish addition to KEMI’s athleisure collection.

I agree to authorize Bat Club USA to charge my card for the additional required deposit prior to shipping for up to $250 and a minimum of $125. This glove is softer than the hard faced leather pancake glove giving more “feel” and providing a better understanding of “soft hands” for my 9 and 5 year old. Other dads have also bought this after seeing my boys run drills with this. Noticeable improvement in confidence and catching when they use their real gloves right after running drills with this.

Well, in that case, consider going with another brand. I have seen many people get confused when talking about Backspin Tees. A lot of people tend to use the term Backspin Tee off-handedly when talking about an upside-down batting tee.

But that was not until much later though and I tried out many other models in the meantime. Now, everybody has different tastes and preferences and that is perfectly fine. I have seen people hating on the brand a lot because of their price. The backspin ships directly from Backspin, due to this shipping times may be slightly delayed. Our Bat Seats are for sale on our website, and our customers love them!

The Backspin Tee has no shaft under the baseball, which means the baseball is released off the bat at contact without any tipping over of the batting tee. Even mishits above the baseball only rotate the batting tee which is easier managed than bending down to pick it up. At this time, due to the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic,we don’t offer exchanges. You can always return your product and re-order once you have received your refund. When I first tried out a Backspin Tee product, I had mixed feelings. It was certainly not bad, but it also did not seem that practical.

This tee also comes with a nifty Elite Angle Attachment that I believe can enhance your training efficacy tenfold. With this tool, you can adjust the angle of the ball to practice different types of swings and strikes easily. This will help you practice striking the ball at different heights to get the most out of your training. The top is made using double wrapped flexible cones that also feature a threaded connection to hold the ball securely. All of our close family friends were all met through baseball through the years.

It is an extremely lightweight hanging baseball tee that is just as adjustable as the Pro Heavy model. Even though you are paying around 200 dollars less for it, that does not mean you are getting an inferior Backspin baseball tee. The build quality of the two models and their performance is pretty comparable. football all pro passer As I have said already, Backspin Pro Heavy was not the first hanging Backspin baseball tee I tried from the brand. It was a bit out of my budget and I was looking for something more affordable. Then I found the Backspin Pro Lite model which seemed just adept at delivering quality training experience.

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