The tricks you’ll learn in this set are a great introduction to this fun and exciting art form. Children will wow their audiences and amaze even themselves as they learn all the great secrets of illusion with the help of Ryan Oakes and his step-by-step instructional DVD. Like a real street magician, your child will amaze audiences with what appears to be a normal lunch box. Magic is a great hobby and an excellent way to develop new skills, become more creative and build self-confidence. Enjoy the illusions included in this set and welcome to the wonderful world of magic!

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He is the spokesman and consultant for a line of children’s magic sets, which are distributed internationally under the Ideal Magic brand. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and resides in New York City with his wife and son. Ryan is a professional magician who performs around the world, but his greatest feat of all might be his ability to translate his act to an online setting.

With over 20 years of professional performing experience, Ryan has come to meld enigmatic illusion, a dynamic style, and an offbeat sense of humor — making him a unique entertainment force. Ryan co-starred in The Real Hustle, a television series that aired primetime on the truTV network in 2008. The show demonstrated how con artists use psychology, sleight-of-hand, and technology to swindle innocent marks. Oftentimes, Ryan works as a magic consultant, where he leverages his magic knowledge to achieve client goals in projects ranging from product launches to corporate sales presentations. Ryan has created custom solutions for clients ranging from Hermes of Paris to Las Vegas legends Seigfried & Roy.

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