It enhances the visibility of the intricate details that is the USP of the jewelry. A pendant stand is great for capturing mjr southgate digital cinema 20 photos wide or narrow V-shape necklaces. It also makes it easier for photographers to handle varying chain lengths.

Fruits are budget-friendly props to highlight brilliant stones. Water droplets used in combination with fruits yield an enhanced effect. Oranges and lemons are the most commonly used fruits for such purposes. Photographers can also color-coordinate their jewelry with the background fruits to highlight jewelry stones. Fresh cherries, for example, can be used to complement a red stone.

The colors of jewelry pieces with blue or white stones are enhanced multi-fold with ice in the background. Sellers can also freeze the jewelry partially or entirely for the desired effect. Expert photographers use prop wax to stabilize the jewelry. Sellers benefit from this prop as it doesn’t stain the jewelry surface. So, pieces of jewelry can easily be adhered to and removed from a surface. Jewelry photography is a tricky job because of the reflective nature of these products.

But if you’re working alone on a limited budget, this isn’t always realistic. For hook-style earrings, you can simply hang them from a short length of string, suspended between two objects. In general, you want to pick a stand that presents the necklace in some kind of V shape.

The photography equipment you use will depend on your budget. You can keep costs minimal if you buy a few of the items below. Or you can buy more expensive gear like lighting or displays for your jewelry. There is no right or wrong way to arrange your jewellery but adding props can increase the sales of jewellery items and also helps create a better brand image in the industry. Obviously, there are endless options in props that can be used to enhance the photograph but below are a list of affordable props that can be used endlessly in different ways.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should have at least one photo with the entire jewellery piece focused. After you’ve snapped your photo, pay attention to make sure it’s not hazy. Because high quality photos are very important for your business to grow better.

Image SourceWhen your jewellery is having some gorgeous stones then try to place it in between some similar colour fruits with water droplets. For example,a red colour stone can be complemented by some fresh cherries. Such photos look particularly good on the pages from the Bible, as they will remind the newlyweds of their church ceremony. The best prop to show the ring or bracelet in the real shape. It is usually made of plastic and is designed with emulational hand shape.

White also reflects light whereas dark colours absorb it, so your product will be better lit if you shoot on a white backdrop. Download your free 30-page e-book revealing my go-to lighting setups from 25+ years as a professional photographer. All of the photos are taken using a soft box or in low light. This guarantees that the images are evenly illuminated, which adds to the jewelry’s brilliance.

Metal color may also emphasize or complement your skin tone. The best way to photograph jewelry is with a mirrorless, DSLR camera. You’ll need a tripod to avoid camera shake, and to make sure your jewelry is lit evenly and consistently. Set your camera to the correct aperture and make sure your product is in focus. There are many different ways to create a white background for your shoots. If you plan to take a lot of different photos, consider buying a white paper sweep.

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