Avoid food that looks like it’s been sitting around in the heat all day long. This a good way for food, especially meat and fish, to get bacteria crawling all over it. Traditional Puerto Rican food has a load of different ingredients. Indigenous Taino mixes with African and European cuisine for some pretty tasty dishes.

This work assists in recovering the country’s economy, as tourism is the number one source of employment for locals. I’ve been thinking about going to Porto Rico for a while now but i just bought my plane ticket for December. I have to admit that i am a little scared… no, not a just little, but a LOT scared. P.s i’m not renting a car since i’m only going for 4 days/3 night. This was my number one concern before traveling to Puerto Rico solo, and I’m pleased to report that Puerto Rico had better security than any other place I’ve visited.

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is an international treaty. It can help parents with the return of children who have been removed to or retained in certain countries in violation of custody rights. The convention applies between Canada and the United States.

Anti-crime efforts, social and political change, and successful tourism initiatives have led to a decrease in violent crime in recent years. Is a bacterial infection spread by contaminated food or water. Risk is higher among children, travellers going to rural areas, travellers visiting friends and relatives or those travelling for a long period of time.

It is a quiet hostel and the perfect place to chill on a tropical island. Even if you don’t like rum, a trip to the Barcadi Rum Factory is worth a visit. The distillery to the world’s favourite premium spirit brand was opened on the island in 1936 and covers 127 acres of land. The $12 tour of this Puerto Rico tourist attraction includes largest greek isle a short movie and a cocktail at the end or you can book a mixology tour instead. Culebra may be the smallest but it has one of the best beaches in the world and the best beaches in Puerto Rico. Flamenco Beach is just stunning and you can spend hours here sampling food from the local sellers and enjoying the amazing scenery.

The solo traveler creates their own route, and gets to know himself better. And it will definitely take you out of your comfort zone. Meeting new people, learning new things, and just the desire to get away and disconnect for a while, are some of the top motivators for traveling solo. OMG…..absolutely in love and so sorry we had plans to leave and stay in Luquillo.

Outside of the city ofSan Juan, however, you’re not going to be able to find a taxi so easily. The best way to get yourself into a cab is to ask your accommodation. They’ll either be able to recommend a reputable company to you or just call one for you.

Keep your belongings close to you and watch out for suspicious characters trying to get close to you. Your money is likely to stay safe in Puerto Rico if you just pay attention. Gang violence and hurricanes are the biggest threats to locals and tourists alike in Puerto Rico. After the two Hurricanes in 2017, the country was badly hit and crimes started to occur more often. Since then, Puerto Rico has almost fully recovered and crime rates are improving.

Before you leave, check with the closest foreign representative for your destination. At night, however, Piñones and Loíza are hosts to a lot of gang violence and drug trafficking. It’s best to stay inside at night or stay in a gated community if you’re staying in the area. Puerto Rico is very safe, in fact, it’s one of the safest Caribbean islands to travel to.

Talk to a travel health professional about which medications or vaccines are right for you. Consult a health care professional or visit a travel health clinic preferably 6 weeks before you travel to get personalized health advice and recommendations. This section contains information on possible health risks and restrictions regularly found or ongoing in the destination.

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