The townsfolk often have funny things to say or simple insights into how you can improve your life at the farm. Improve your relationships with them and they might catchy design studio even send you gifts. And yes, you can settle down with one of the bachelors in the town and start a family, once you’ve gotten to know them enough, of course.

For easy mid season money, go with Artichoke from year 2 onward, otherwise Pumpkins work just as well but take longer. If you’re tight on money, go with 2 harvests of Beets, then the Pumpkins. Over the entire season, the Green Bean offers the 2nd greatest profit-to-cost ratio (+300%). When starting out potatoes offer the maximum return on investment, as they produce multiple per plant. Bryan Thompson is a graduate of Stony Brook University with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy & Linguistics, and currently spends his time as a freelance writer for Screen Rant.

Farming is probably the most effective way to make money early on, in combination with other activities like foraging and fishing. The best part is that for the majority of the time you only need to water your plants, then wait on the return – what else you do with your farmer’s day is up to you. This section will cover basically everything any new Stardew player will need to know about crops.

At level 10 in farming you can choose between the Shepherd and Coopmaster professions. Shepherd lets you befriend barn animals faster, and sheep will produce wool faster. Coopmaster lets you befriend coop animals faster and incubation times are reduced to half. As you can see ths is quite narrow compared to tiller, though you certainly won’t lose out entirely if you love your chickens. Melon Wine will sell for 750g whether it was made from a Melon with no quality star or an Iridium-quality Melon! Since a gold-quality melon sells for 375g, it’s better to use the standard quality Melon for Wine for a larger profit margin.

After acquiring the fishing rod, fishing becomes an essential energy management tool and an incredible income boost early in the game. While there is still time left in the day, players can eat any fish they catch to get extra casts of their line into the water and sell most of their haul at the end of the day. Players can even opt to place a chest near their favorite fishing site to allow maximum uptime for fishing. Selling these fish in Spring will drastically increase the number of Strawberries players can purchase during the Egg Festival, catapulting them towards extreme financial prosperity.

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