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While we want your post to be interesting, we also don’t want it to be too short. Search engines also like lengthy and well-cooked content. Because of this, articles should have a word count of at least 1500 words.

You know your business needs insurance.You’ve probably discussed the need for property coverage for any buildings or contents and the need for General Liability in… Special advertising sections must not be slugged in the publication’s cover nor included in the table of contents. Accept as their primary responsibility the selection of editorial content based on readers’ needs and interests. If applicable, we will add stock art to accompany your post. Feel free to submit a headshot or book-cover image, where relevant. SmartBrief retains exclusivity of the post for 24 hours after it runs.

Once we publish the articles, they will be available on the site for the readers. Before submitting your “write for us finance” blog’s final pitch, you must offer some suggestions. The information on this Website about insurance benefits is a summary of applicable terms and conditions that is provided for general informational purposes only. The terms of any insurance products are governed solely by the applicable Member Contract or Policy Form. In the event of any inconsistency between information provided on this Website and the specific provisions of the Member Contract provided by the carrier, the carrier’s Contract shall govern. Look for SmartBrief to promote your content using a variety of social networks and email newsletters, but also feel free to share that link with your own network for maximum exposure.

If you’re not the owner of the material, you submitted it to us. If yes, this is the best time to increase your portfolio value, reach a new audience, and grow your business by writing for us. / Write for Us Business / Write for Us Finance Page is where you may contact us for a guest article at any time. Your work should be well-written, engaging, original, and educational. Do remember to add your social media handles and the draft.

We’ll include a bio with a link to your travel blog and social networks. We’ll also promote the article via our social networks tagging you. We prefer using visuals and infographics if necessary to convey the content’s message.

It helps to protect the insured person or their family against financial loss. Life, health, homeowners, and auto are the most common forms of insurance. If my article is published will you link to my blog/social media?


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We only accept one backlink in the text, and it must refer to a related post on your blog. In the name of guest posting, do not link to any third-party or commercial site. According to our policy, it is best to avoid including links in the first two to three paragraphs. The article’s subject matter must be financial or related to our categories.

Send us an email or contact us via the contact form to share your idea of insurance guest post submission at Insuropedia. Make sure you include at least two-three sample topics along with the details of the intent to write for us about insurance. Professional liability insurance for writers provides coverage for claims arising from errors & omission, libel, slander, defamation, and copyright infringement. With regard to health insurance, people who have chronic health issues or need regular medical attention should look for policies with lower deductibles.

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