I never had a problem and they were very nice to deal with. I haven’t ordered anything for ages and since my friend owned a stamp store I was able to get what I needed from the store. For stamp supplies I find iHobb to be everything that Subway etc. used to be, and more.

Or I add something else I “might” need to save on shipping costs, like a slipcase. In the past 2 years, online reports have not been favorable in terms of shipping time and even unshipped items. That is not the Subway that I used to know and order from and refer others to without hesitation. Strongly recommend talking to a real person and not an automated system. Subway Stamp Shop is in Altoona, PA. There’s about 3 hours from me, so I can’t over there.

But since I feel I’m talking to an older person each time, someone probably not very computer literate, I’ve never expected them to care much. I simply do not understand the point of outsourcing IT when a company or organization future relies so heavily upon it. This is not 1995 where a company or organization only need an online ‘web presence’. Obviously a lot of business is now being done online, you would think that philatelic companies and organizations would have figured this out about 8-10 years ago. Subway’s catalog is online – just select the “Catalog and Help” link and then choose if you want coin or stamps.

I love Subway Stamp Shop and have used them for years. But why is their website so messy and hard to use? It’s right out of the first era of online selling and has not been updated — in years. Many times items are not listed under what you’d think was their proper heading, but when you phone them they do have them for sale. State lawmakers have said they aim to absorb the illegal market into the regulated industry.

Tambe said that Kamble during interrogation admitted his involvement in the crime and also revealed that he had asked Dhamale to prepare the fake rubber stamps of the QRT, Pune and QRT Commando, Pune. “We raided Dhamale’s shop near the ZP and found a fake rubber stamp of QRT, Pune,” Tambe said. The police have identified the suspect as Mahesh alias Hrishikesh Bhanudas Dhamale of Kamshet in Maval taluka. Dhamale makes rubbers stamps for a living and runs a small shop at the subway near the zilla parishad.

Most are Hawid mounts but the only 28 mm are Showgard and only have 9 strips per package. Some of the Hawid 29 mm I have contain 25. Message me Andy if you wanted me to mail you some from here in Canada. I’m impatient, so I see where else I can get mounts. The shops, which often keep large amounts of cash, have been targets of robberies and burglaries, which have sometimes escalated to shootings and stabbings.

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This is an affiliate website and we may receive a commission if you click a link and buy from select stores. Download the free app to place orders on the go, browse the latest deals, and more on your mobile device. I love this game and it is really easy to get addicted to, I just have one small complaint.

Mayor Adams, asked about stores at an unrelated news conference last month, said the city’s hands were tied because the law had not caught up to reality. “A police officer can’t just walk in and conduct an apprehension, or an arrest, or confiscate the item,” he added. On top of that, he added, the shops undermine lawmakers’ intention to prioritize people convicted of marijuana offenses for opportunities neals coffee shop in the cannabis industry. The illegal shops also skirt taxes that are meant to fund addiction services, education and reinvestment in communities where enforcement was concentrated. In the city, the Adams administration has been reluctant to treat the illegal shops with a heavy hand. “Mayor Adams has been clear that no illegal business operations should be tolerated,” she said.

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