Our professor, Benjamin Mazar, also had a prodigious book collection at his home in Rehavia, which he shared very generously with us. It was the library of the École biblique et archéologique française, however, that blew our bibliophile’s socks off. Here, such solicitous care was taken of the library’s 140,000 volumes, that a “fantôme”, or mock volume had to replace every book that was removed, until said book was returned to safety. Where can I write a Brain Training for Dogs reviews?

Yet one feels that something would have pushed its way through if he really was the fantastic intellect that he must have been to have written those plays. Except for Ben Jonson, no one important talks about him, no one that is of his level, of his circle. Indeed, he has no circle of friends, and never takes any part in the intellectual life of his times, never writes letters, poems of praise or criticism, as was so common at the time.

And the film lacks the emotional element that even Little Box has. Of all the debates about theatre history one seems to stand out- who wrote Shakespeare’s plays? Some people think the answer is simple – they are Shakespeare’s plays so Shakespeare must have written them. But as documentary maker Mike Rubbo has found it is not that simple. So rather than fearing the end of our modern medicine and continuing to dream an aseptic world, where our antimicrobial wars promise freedom and salvation from germs, consider joining some of us cited in the preceding acts of our GMW. Perhaps together, we can finally put our aseptic dreams to sleep and pursue decoronial and other movements beyond our modern medicated military performances.

“I was quite ready to cut my losses if anyone could convince me that Hoffman’s thesis was silly. In New York, where the film had a two week season at Film Forum, a West village art house, it received mixed but generally favorable reviews. At time of writing, almost forty years on, nothing has come from Italian archives, and no proof has been found. Or perhaps never, only the endless speculation, the never-ending conspiracy.

More importantly, the film was given screenings on PBS in the USA and on the BBC, who gave it full conspiracy theory treatment, and it was a festival crowd pleaser. It eventually was screened on the ABC in Australia, though it took some time to get to air. This lively odyssey into the land of Shakespeare introduces us to a delightful gallery of eccentric scholars who dispute the authorship of the plays. It is an expedition into what one author in the film calls “beautiful territory.” It isn’t long before the pink-terracotta architecture of Jaipur beckons, as does another Oberoi. This time, it’s the The Oberoi Rajvilas, built to resemble a traditional fort.

But they did talk to me, and it’s a bit of a mystery as to why they did. Perhaps is was simply that I had done my homework. By the time I was on the road, I knew so much, arguing with me was fun. It was quite a juggling act moving across enemy lines to ultimately come sun tan city reviews out with a film which both sides would admit was fair. But that was ahead, and not quite everyone was happy. Most of the authorship theories explore this territory, and while they don’t agree as to who the real author was, they do agree that it was not Will alone.

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