I can’t emphasize enough how disappointed I was with their curriculum, career services, and support in general. A TA I met with gave me false information multiple times and I eventually found the correct answer on StackExchange. If you want to see how ineffective bootcamps are for getting you into tech, just see the amount of graduates that end up as unmotivated TAs . I thought I wanted to do front end but quickly realized I did not like that approach. The Career services team are amazing if you work with them.

A TA I met with gave me false information multiple times and I eventu… The fact that you covered three whole stacks in the three months is well worth any of the depth lost in a bootcam… I came into Coding Dojo with zero knowledge of coding other than the pre-bootcamp prep course that I did. Overall the experience was very challenging and rewarding. As you can find on their website, the bootcamp is structured for 14 weeks with 2 weeks spent on web fundamentals and 1 month spent o… According to Coding Dojo’s refund policy, students can get nearly a full refund before the first day of class.

Job postings from the first quarter to the second quarter of 2021 rose by 7%. The uptick in tech companies signing new office space leases in Los Angeles could mean more opportunities for coding bootcamp graduates. Online learners can access scholarships for military, women, and the Fresh Start Fund that provides up to $1,500 for students earning less than $40,000 a year.

One instructor did walk throughs with me, that is where I learned the most. Weeks of reading and videos couldn’t hold a candle to what I learned when I was typing and they were talking. I did speak to some of the other remote students and everyone was very nice.

Wait to be contacted to schedule an interview with the admissions team. If you pass the interview, you will 5601 eisenhower ave be accepted into the bootcamp. If not, you will be notified and can try again after a period of time.

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