Made in the amigurumi style crocheting ‘in the round’ to create 3D soft toys – this kit is a bargain at under £10, although it doesn’t include the toy filling so purchase that separately. Ever so elegant, these pots are just one of the fantastic sustainable crochet kits designed by Stitching Me Softly. Not only will you support an indie business when you buy this kit, the company plants a tree for every kit they sell so you’ll be investing in the planet’s future as well as learning new skills. Aldi’s a great for budget-friendly craft supplies and this crochet wall hanging is an affordable way to try your hand at crochet. This sheep tea cozy crochet kit is the perfect combo of functionality and cuteness — an amazing gift for anyone who loves their morning tea or is all about bringing some joy to the office.

These kits take much of the guesswork out of finding just the right yarn and hook size. Be aware that cushions are relatively small, ~40cm x ~40cm; this is not a pouf. Another aspect I really value is the variety of elegant, original colors you can choose from, allowing you to adapt your project to your décor.

Though this pattern may look intricate, it’s actually very simple. It’s made with a simple pattern of single crochet stitches and chain spaces worked in spiral rounds. Once you get the first few rounds down, the rest of the pattern is soothing, repetitive stitching. I don’t recommend cotton yarn for your first project, since it’s so inelastic. I also don’t recommend super fuzzy or dark-colored yarns for your first project, since they make it hard to see your stitches. You only need one hook, which makes the project easier to manipulate with your free hand as you work.

Basically, they’re your one-stop-“shop” for learning how to crochet, and a great way to build your skills. I recommend giving your child an aluminum hook to work with to avoid frustration. You should also think about what kind of materials you’d like to use. Metal and wood hooks and darning needles are typically a bit pricier but ultimately easier to maneuver with since they’re sturdier.

We spent dozens of hours with these products, comparing their performance side-by-side to help you find the perfect crochet kit, regardless if you are a total expert or a complete beginner. If you have plenty of your own yarn and are just looking for a top-notch kit with all the tools you need to start crocheting, the BeCraftee Crochet Hook Set is one of the best options out there. The included hooks for this kit are quite comfortable to crochet with, as they have crocheting kits for beginners larger molded ergonomic grips that reduce pressure points and hot spots. The hooks are deep enough to easily grab all the piles of the yarn and have enough of a point that you can work them through tighter stitches without issues. This kit consists of two crochet hooks size 6.5mm (K/10.5), a plastic yarn needle, and seven yarn colors. A 14-page instructional book will also be included to guide ages eight and up to create a coaster, handbag, placemat, or belt.

Many of these crochet kits also allow you to chose from a variety of yarn colors, allowing you to personalize your kit. Update your wardrobe with this stylish handbag crochet kit from Wool And The Gang. Containing everything you need, including magnetic fastenings, the kit will let you create a timeless clutch you’ll use again and again. With such a cute face, how could you not make this adorable crochet elephant?

This luxury bunny family kit is a great starting point if you fancy getting into amigurumi and soft toys. This easy crochet flower garland kit focuses on easy stitches and small, accomplishable steps to get your child crocheting quickly. The kit includes eco-friendly wool yarn, a hook, and a pattern booklet with clear instructions.

We made all of these and more to help you find the perfect crochet kit. The Knit Picks Beginner Dishcloth Kit is designed for making dishcloths, but there’s still enough extra yarn that you could make a few other items to match, like a placemat or coaster. This kit comes with a small amount of yarn, but we would imagine most people would quickly be in the market for not only more yarn but also better hooks. These were some of our favorite hooks to use on projects from hats to amigurumi.

Both the Mira Handcrafts and the BCMRUN hooks are standard aluminum hooks and are about the same when it comes to comfort and quality. These hooks crochet well, hooking yarn easily and offering a low-friction surface for the yarn with their anodized aluminum coatings. Unfortunately, we found hand cramps and hot spots to be much more prevalent when using these hooks, particularly with the smaller sizes.

The perfect crochet kit for anyone interested in taking up this classic yarn craft. Knowing how to make a granny square will open up a whole world of crochet possibilities, whether you want to turn one into a blanket or even piece together squares to make a garment. A video tutorial is included to show you how to get the hang of the hook. Besides blankets, there are many crochet kits available to make cute baby items which also make fantastic personalized gifts every parent-to-be will be thrilled to get. Make sure you are aware of the differences between US and UK crochet terminology as this varies. Most of the crochet kits below provide both references in their instructions or booklets, but I advise you to double-check to ensure you breeze through your projects — especially if you’re a beginner.

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