But even after I became a brunette again, the years of damage left my hair a dry, tangled and broken mess. My scalp is also quite sensitive and prone to getting flaky and itchy, but the Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask was so soothing. I love the slight tingle it gives, but it definitely how to clean lint out of hairbrush doesn’t burn. Jess didn’t see enough results from the actual products to justify their price tag—and unfortunately, neither did I. The Prose haircare line is custom-blended to solve anyone’s hair troubles. The system is great if you have no idea how to support your hair.

We’re so happy to hear you’re loving your Prose products. Prose is a professional and engaging service if you’re seeking a fun method to experiment with natural goods or introduce substances you’ve never tried before. It’s fun to have customized bottles labeled with your name delivered to your door—it makes you feel pampered and in control in a way that buying shampoo at the drugstore doesn’t. The real question isn’t how much is Prose hair care but is it justified? According to Prose, the most common method of reformulation is by email—or simply by retaking the survey on the internet.

Another plus is that this Leave-In serves as a heat-protectant for the next steps in your beautification process. You can use the Hair Oil before washing, or as a finishing product when styling. To use for styling, start with a small amount and if needed, add more. It does whatever your own unique hair needs it to—formulas range to address needs like rebalancing roots and adding hydration. The Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask is to be used on damp hair before you shampoo, for up to 30 minutes. This highly concentrated pre-wash treatment comes as 8.5fl oz for $38.

The Shampoo comes in an 8.5fl oz size with a Prose shampoo pump for $25. Because this shampoo does not contain sulfates, I should warn you that though you can still work it into a light lather, it may not be as bubbly as what you’re used to with traditional shampoos. It’s a thorough approach I’m totally obsessed with, not to mention its sleek apothecary-like packaging and cruelty-free formulas—so let’s check them out. Enter Prose, a company founded in France by Arnaud Plas in 2017.

Then, rinse with warm water and follow with your normal shampoo and conditioning routine. Yep, it’s a “pre” mask designed specifically to be used pre-shampoo — aka when hair follicles are more susceptible to soaking up all the mask’s goodness. Learning how to use curly hair products to style the hair has a significant learning curve.

I highlight my super-dark locks fairly regularly, yet don’t cut it often enough to keep it ‘healthy,’ as my stylist likes to remind me.” BUT- it is personalized hair care, and that does come with a cost. Overall my hair has been more manageable, softer, smoother, and A WHOLE lot less frizzy. I can let my hair air dry and not need products to help tame frizz. We all have different hair care needs, and I do not believe one shampoo or conditioner can fix everyone’s hair needs. I am 100% behind the idea of a personalized hair care routine, and that’s why I am here to share my Prose Hair Care Review.

Your hair has a unique history, and it deserves a unique product too. Once I ordered, I excitedly waited for my new haircare products, which came within a week. I’ve tested it now a few times with a conditioner, and I surprisingly like using it without. My hair feels soft and smooth, but it doesn’t get weighed down at all like it normally would. On its website, Prose states that its ingredients “come together to create the most natural formula for you, with everything you need and nothing more.” It’s an uplifting, albeit vague, promise.

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