For this exercise, you need to use the leg extension machine. Continue to alternate the foot plastic self defense knife you step out with for your wide squats. Now step out wide to the right with your right foot.

That’s NOT your medial head of the quadriceps. A recent study from the University of Padova concluded that a wide stance produced some of the same muscular activation as a narrow stance. Subjects saw results in the quads, adductor major, vastus medialis and lateralis — basically everywhere except the glutes. That said, there’s definitely a benefit in changing up your stances to see which muscles are feeling it the most.

They also put your balance, coordination, and core stability to the test. Firmly press your feet into the platform to extend your knees and hips and return the weight to its starting position. This can be done through exercises such as squats, lunges, and leg presses.

Squat again by sending your hips back with your feet wide apart. You may find it comfortable to adjust your toes by turning them out slightly. Land softly on your left foot and then immediately sink back into another lunge. Push through your left foot to jump up as high as possible, driving your right knee toward your chest. Continue for a set amount of reps, then switch sides and repeat.

B. Lift arms out to the sides at shoulders height, palms facedown. Hold this pose for 5 counts while gazing over right hand. Bodybuilder Chris Bumstead is steering effortlessly around many difficult circumstances in his 2022 Olympia prep. Use whey protein, creatine, amino acids, pre-workouts, and other supplements to maximize your training and enhance recovery. Increase the pressure by crossing your other leg over the one you’re treating. Your muscles are surrounded by a thin layer of fibrous tissue called fascia.

The largest of the four quad muscles, this muscle runs down the outside of your thigh. Whether you’re new to exercise or you’re a professional athlete, your quads are an important muscle group to pay attention to. Everything from getting out of a chair to walking or running requires these muscles to work.

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