Since you are traveling, consider getting a card with travel rewards and book your flights and hotel with it. You might be able to use the bonus points you receive for a weekend getaway later. When traveling to Puerto Rico, it is important to bring your driver’s license, especially if you didn’t bring your passport.

Most clubs don’t allow people in if they are wearing sports clothes or shoes, sleeveless tops or flip flops. Light and comfortable walking shoes – Having a great pair of walking shoes should be at the top of your packing list. With gorgeous cities to explore, days will call for lots of walking to see the history and culture of this island. Waterproof hiking sandals or shoesYou’ll likely be hiking, stepping in mud and probably through waterfalls, so your footwear needs to be prepared for this. I didn’t want to pack my full hiking boots and luckily, I didn’t need to. My Chacos were perfect; good grip to keep me safe while hiking and completely open and waterproof so I could wander through thousands of puddles without issue.

There are tons of plastic in the oceans already, so when packing for a trip to Puerto Rico, it is important to consider bringing a reusable water bottle. Fill up your bottle before heading out, save money, and go green. A travel backpack is necessary for hiking or any other activities that require you to bring a lot of gear with you. Most travel backpacks are water curacao nude beach resistant, which is especially important during the rainy season. Bathing suits you love.When packing for a trip to Puerto Rico, you’ve got to have swimwear you really love — and that loves you back. I love wearing a two-piece, but I often get bloated while I travel and I hate feeling awkward in my swimwear after a day indulging in too much mofongo and lechon.

See our full guide to what to bring hiking if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. Go from the beach to the restaurant and to the shopping mall without having to change clothes with this cover up made of cotton. If you’re considering taking a catamaran to Icacos or the ferry to Vieques and Culebra, you’ll want to have motion sickness medicine ready. Dramamine is a great motion sickness medicine that prevents nausea and the best, it doesn’t make you drowsy.

When lounging by the pool or hanging around at the beach, a swimsuit cover-up is a must-have. You can throw it on over your swimsuit and take a stroll or go for lunch without having to completely change or walk around in a damp towel. This particular cover-up is absolutely gorgeous, and seems to be universally flattering. Now that we have the main things to pack for Puerto Rico, here are some other things I pack or use for my trips. I have a handful of shoe dust bags that I use, but if you don’t have any, check out these shoe bags.

In that time, she worked as a bartender, bungee jumped, scuba dived, pet kangaroos, held koalas and drank hundreds of cups of tea. Towel– Travel towels are great, but not so much for laying on the beach. You may want to splurge on a full sized towel for this trip.

A 20-litre bag should be big enough to fit the essentials – a microfiber towel, a bottle of water, suncream, your phone and camera, wallet/purse, snacks and a sweater or rain jacket. Your Puerto Rico packing list should include a waterproof bag if you’re visiting rivers, waterfalls, or any beach. With a dry bag, you can keep your extra clothes and electronics with you at all times, even in the water. The Heeta waterproof bag gets made of a resistant material with seamless technology to keep the water out.

It even brings a toiletry bag and a string bag perfect for your dirty laundry. Besides taking care of your skin, you should also take care of your hair when you’re visiting Puerto Rico, especially if you’re planning to spend your days on the beach. The Moroccanoil leave-in is travel size and it’s great to hydrate your hair and detangle it after a day of sun, breeze, and saltwater. If most days are going to be spent at the beach during your trip to Puerto Rico, I highly recommend packing at least three bathing suits. It allows you to balance any strappy tan lines, but also with how humid Puerto Rico is, it means you give each one plenty of time to dry. Spectacular beaches, a lush rainforest, historic landmarks and a thriving culinary scene are just a few reasons travelers flock to Puerto Rico each year.

Ever since we discovered ginger pills, boat rides went from nauseating to amazing. You can find ginger pills pretty much everywhere, and they are all-natural. I don’t need to reiterate why sunglasses are important when visiting a warm and sunny place like Puerto Rico. Yes, they look cool, but in the Caribbean, they are essential to protect your eyes. Besides my nice shades, I also bring a cheaper pair for outdoor activities.

Pack your suitcase according to the time of year and humidity level. From December to April, bring light clothes made from cotton or linen. Shorts, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, maxi dresses and loose-fitting trousers are all ideal. So, no matter what time of the year you visit, you’ll need to make sure you need to pack sun protection. To protect the coral reefs around Puerto Rico and marine life too, buy reef-safe suncream. You should also pack some cooling after-sun lotion or aloe vera gel.

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