Silicone bands stretched around the brim for color worker ID and Hi Viz night retro-reflectivity. Yes, but only with the right suspension system for your head. The one I chose had different suspension system options so I got it to fit my head perfectly. You 79cash reddit can return any item purchased within 20 days of the delivery date. Free shipping within the Continental US all orders across any product category qualify. Learn some of the key numbers for safety in construction, and see how the industry is changing.

Designed for the true cowboy, these hats are a great alternative to the standard and regular job site headgear. While we don’t offer OSHA-approved hard hats, Graphic Products offers a wide variety of hard hat warning signs, hard hat area message tape, and even reflective stick-ons for hard hats to promote safety and visibility. Just as it is important to wear a hard hat for safety, it’s also important that your employees know where to wear their hard hats.

Get a summary of the most common types of PPE and their purpose. Learn about the most common hazards & what you can do to improve your OSHA construction site compliance.

Some beneficial uses of labels include placing names, titles, and certifications on hard hats. Labels with names and titles can help identify workers in emergencies, while certifications can help identify when workers are authorized to be in specific areas. In all cases, labels should be used strategically, to convey information when needed. Suspension also features a “dial your size” to precisely personalize, Ratchet sizing adjustment, in 1/8″ increments, and is non-irritating.

Designed with a 4-point, 6-point or 8-point suspension system that directs the impact through the body to the feet, reducing injury to the head, neck and spine. These cowboy style safety helmets allows you to bring some personality to the workplace and despite the name they’re not just for cowboys. If you’re looking for stylish head protection you might consider the Jackson™ Cowboy Helmets with a ratchet suspension. The western-style hard hat shape also provides sun and weather condition protection for your face, neck, and ears. These hard hats come with a variety of custom suspension systems protecting head sizes from 6.5 to 9.

On a construction site, wearing hard hats is a good way to protect employees and yourself from life-altering injuries and even death. As you work to ensure safety on your site, remember that workers should be trained to recognize and understand the different types of OSHA approved hard hats. Further, they should be taught how to care for their hard hats. Some contemporary cap-style hard hats feature a rolled edge that acts as a rain gutter to channel rainwater to the front, allowing water to drain off the bill, instead of running down the wearer’s neck. A wide-brimmed cowboy hat-style hard hat is made, although some organizations disallow their use. All ourrecommended cowboy hard hatsareOSHAapproved and will protect your head in style!

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