Fortunately, hot oil treatments are highly beneficial. So, you can do them as frequently as once a week until your curls have been sufficiently loosened. Instead of a strong clarifying shampoo, you should use a before and after blue dye on brassy hair gentle, hydrating shampoo that won’t strip your curls of moisture. Simply wet your hair and massage the shampoo into your hair. Gravity will weigh down and flatten your hair even if you never touch your curls.

For tight curls choose smaller sizes, and for big voluminous hair with waves, go for larger ones. After using a frizz-fighting styling foam or frizz mousse to define your curls, let them air dry. Cup your hands and scrunch your locks upward to encourage curls to form as your hair dries. Use a diffuser on the lowest setting to speed up the drying process. Oh, and the formula helps to shield hair from humidity, meaning your waves will stay relaxed and frizz-free.

In addition to making your hair look and feel better, this prevents the damage from traveling upwards and destroying the rest of your hair. Although perms are best known for converting sleek strands into curls, straight perms do the opposite. When you get a straight perm, your stylist saturates your strands with a perm solution. Then, they either flat iron or comb your locks straight.

A spiral perm is when the rod is placed into the hair vertically. Very small sections are taken resulting in a lot of perm rods. Size of the rod will be based on hair length and desired amount of curl.

Below, find our favorite perm-enhancing styling products. Using a sock is the perfect way to attain gentle waves in your long hair. As a bonus, your hair will look great while it is being curled. If you only want waves towards the ends of your hair, create two regular braids on both sides of your head.

Though they share many similarities with traditional deep conditioners, hair masks tend to have a thicker consistency. You can get a hair mask treatment at the salon, find a product in store or online, or even do it yourself. Apply some heat by wrapping it in a towel or sitting under a dryer. As I mentioned before, curly hair requires a shampoo specifically designed for this hair type and should not be washed every day. The procedure of hair perming works by shaping your hair into the curls that you want. Once that is done, they are treated with chemicals to break the natural bonds that are present in the hair.

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