They pay variables depending upon the type of content and its word count. Sure, you can write and not get paid for writing articles. They pay $150 for articles and $200 for tutorials, and they often pay more for articles that are more comprehensive and that they feel will do well traffic-wise. Metro Parent is a leading parenting publication looking for parenting articles. They pay $35 – $350 per article and they want features to be within 1,000 – 2,500 words. They prefer articles to be between 1,500 to 2,000 words and they pay $200 per article within a month of publication.

If not, send your pitch to the companies and get accepted. Listverse was built on the efforts of readers just like you. Readers who didn’t have any experience as writers but decided to put a list together and send it in. Metro Parent Publishing Group is always looking for talented, experienced freelance writers to enhance our magazine, ancillary publications and website.

A philosophy podcast and philosophy blog that accepts book reviews, brief posts related to culture and ideas, and philosophy accompanied by commentary. They do not disclose a payment rate, but you can contact them to ask them. Lies About Parenting accepts feature articles that are based on your parenting stories. Also, you can write about parenting techniques, traveling, and advice lent by doctors, teachers, etc. You get paid $50 for each of your featured articles. ListVerse lets you earn straightforward – write an exciting list on almost any topic, and you can earn $100 via PayPal.

Other things like having an existing online audience to share with will also help I think. The below web sites provides pay per articles to write for us service. It’s not a tosh, they really pay for regular writers all around the world.

Contently works as an agent to help manage your writing portfolio and online publications and provide useful freelance advice. They select you after rigorous vetting and on the basis of your portfolio and then connect you with clients offering high-paying freelance jobs. Cracked is on the lookout for artists and writers with a good sense of creativity and humor who can produce comical articles and images. Although they do not mention the payment, they will pay well, seeing their reputation.

Yes, you can get paid to write for them as part of their Write for DOnations program. Sign up and we’ll send you 3 companies hiring writers now. Plus, we’ll send more companies as we find and review them. They mention the possibility of contributing 3 articles a month, which could turn into a decent side gig — earning up to $600 a month. Five centuries ago, the Gutenberg press made books available to the masses. Fifteen years ago, blogging platforms like WordPress and Movable Type made self-publishing available to anyone with a computer.

You wrote an article here on a company laptop? If you did a workshop, you’d similarly have to use a different structure, phrases, and language. You could not use content from your article in any of it. If accepted, In some cases, you will be assigned to an editor who will help you through the process. While “Expertise” does not mean being an “expert” in the field, you have to understand how things work. Why do companies hire you instead of hiring a $5-$25 authors on freelancing sites?


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If you have valuable tips, tricks, ideas or techniques to share, then you’re more than welcome to write for us and help provide others with solid articles and useful insights. According to this page, SitePoint services more than 10 million readers per month, and produces a lot of books and articles. They are also welcoming new writers all the time! Though of course, you have to meet certain requirements to get work published.

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