I’ve been using the Grit Airbag for two years now. Really like it and it’s held up very well. Only issue I have is when it rains…gear can get wet going from the car to the rink. The other side of that is that it never gets skunky in the bag because there is always airflow.


Save up to 70% on quality new and used gear, sold by athletes just like you. Considering this purchase should last 10+ years, even full price is a reasonable investment IMO. My bag is falling apart entirely, the zippers are basically for show now since the fabric has torn away from them, there are holes on the bottom that keep growing… The discount code cannot be applied to the cart. Please ensure the cart meets the requirements to apply this discount code. 1000D Cordura/Kodra Nylon with a strong ballistic nylon reinforced bottom” the bag would appear built to last.

The individual slots for skates are one of the best features and if you’re looking for organization pockets, it’s going to be very difficult to beat. I have XL sized gear and everything fits without cramming. I admit the laundry bag doesn’t see much use. Recently replaced my Easton pro bag with a Warrior pro bag. Got the one above, although I recall paying $45 so I bet if you offered him that he’d take it.

Serkin and Withee then saw a similar underserved market in hockey apparel and developed and designed a line of unique apparel to fully form the brand. THE PR PLAYER BAG

If you’re in NY the shipping will probably be about 10 bucks plus tax. You’re looking at under $75 total for a bag you already know you like. Also, if you don’t think the mesh pockets will hold up you jerk off lotion can just sew in canvas or some heavier material. “Hockey players, coaches and referees keep telling us these are exactly the kind of hockey bags they have been dreaming about for years,” says Withee.

I know people love them and its great quality but I can’t get past the price. At the end of the day its meant to hold your equipment from the car to the rink. A warrior pro carry bag is 60% cheaper and is insanely durable.

I already have a pretty solid layout in my bag. So i mean i feel like if you feel you need it, forsure. But its gotta worth the double the money price tag. Personally id rather get another stick or two over the bag if it was a gift. PenaltyBox Hockey was born in 2016 as a subscription box for hockey players and since has grown into a leader in the hockey supply industry. Z2 used to be called Laurin and I picked up a Laurin NOS bag on eBay half a dozen years ago.

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