Bellaire is also home to Shanty Creek Resort for golf, ski, and other resort year-round fun. Play a round of golf on the Torch Course for sweeping lake views. Torch Lake Public Access points are quite numerous, but most of them are located at the end of a street and do not have beaches.

(If you have your heart set on a typical beach experience, your best bet is probably William K. Good Day Park). The weather at Torch Lake is perfect for boating because it stays quite warm in July, August, and even early September. On average, the weather reaches 80 degrees, but it can also get to 70 or 90 degrees on some days. The good news is the water remains cold and it provides relief from the heat and humidity.

This vacation rental is ideally located on the southern shore of Torch Lake, which has crystal clear waters, a sandy bottom, and turquoise as the water gets deeper. We also spent time at Glacial Hills Natural covenant fallout 4 Area, which offers 31 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. North Manitou Island is the perfect place for visitors who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, hunting, swimming, and exploring.

If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, Alden is the perfect destination. The Grand Victorian B&B Inn is the perfect place to stay to experience all that Torch Lake offers. The Inn is located right on the water’s edge and has a large porch where you can relax and take in the stunning views.

Torch Lake’s weather is the best for boating and warm-weather fun in July, August, and early September. To understand the depths of its beauty and appreciate the deep aqua and turquoise colors throughout this lake, you really have to take it in with your own eyes. Best GoPro alternative to get video that you can show your friends and family. Your certification will be valid anywhere in the world, so you’ll never waste time with them. Another fun way to do nearby is scuba diving, which you can do with Scuba North in Traverse City, Michigan.

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There are wide, sandy, and shallow regions that parallel the shore almost everywhere in Torch Lake, and this ends in a steep drop-off. The waters are crystal clear and they resemble Caribbean waters because of their turquoise hue. Swimming- Visitor to island enjoy the gentle waves of Lake Michigan when swimming along the shore. Native Americans were living on North Manitou Island by 1000 BCE and conceivably as early as 11,000 to 8000 BCE. The island is one of the richest archaeological spots in the Lakeshore, especially along the cliffs at the northern end of the island.

The Inn offers a variety of accommodations, including cozy cottages, suites with fireplaces, and a lakeside home. Each room is uniquely decorated and offers stunning views of the lake. The Inn also features a restaurant, fitness center, spa, and outdoor pool. You can skip the flight to the Caribbean and head to Michigan’s tropical Torch Lake.

Torch Lake is a beautiful, clear blue lake in Grand Traverse Bay. Traverse City is a four-season playground that’s well known for its spectacular cherry blossoms in the spring. And its fabulous fall colors, and its plethora of winter activities. But there’s so much more to this northwestern Michigan town than meets the eye.

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