And NFHS has a statement to fix this so in NFHS both variants foul ball. The bat issue in softball is as much about liability, insurance and litigation as it is about competition, inflated egos and softball. It is entirely possible, but not nearly as likely, to have a foul tip in SP. I call only SP, and I’ve had maybe 3 actual, honest-to-goodness foul-tips since they changed the rule.

You want your fielders to be confident in their throws at all times. Even work in phrases like “Don’t worry about that, I should had it.” A good teammate will appreciate this. Thinking about trying a new position in softball? First base could be great to learn, especially if you like being in the middle of the action.

The IOC expressed consideration of the youth focus and increasing interest in the newly added sports. The selection committee was responsible for making the final cuts to decide which players would compete for the US team at all international competitions throughout the year. The strategy was successful as the United States won their first olympic gold medal in softball against China with a 3–0 win. This success was followed by two more olympic gold medals and seven World Championships. Good first basemen make scooping low throws an art.

I know many long time softball guys would disagree with the downward angle, but you’ll also find just as many power guys out there who live and breathe by it. With that said, I’d certainly love to hear your feedback if you’ve got some other methodologies you believe work better. A “long” swing occurs when instead of leading with the hands, the bat gets way out in front of the body and goes through the zone incorrectly. Now that we’ve discussed weight distribution, launch angle, and stride length, let’s talk about the role of your hands.

If a runner does break for the next base they should lean forward to catch the pitch and rise from the crouch just as they catch the ball. This technique will take many repetitions to get right. The barrel is the thickest and widest part of the bat used to hit the ball. The barrel is where you want to hit the ball in order to achieve maximum performance.

In all the three types of softball, there are seven innings to be played. The infield consists of infielders and the diamond. The remaining space between the baselines and between the outfield fence and infield is called as the outfield. The numbering of the bases is in counter clockwise as first base, second base and third base. This fair territory is divided into infield, outfield, and territory beyond outfield fence.

The game of fastpitch softball is similar to baseball, and includes stealing bases and bunting. Unlike baseball, however, there is no “leading off” – the baserunner can only leave the base when the pitcher releases the ball. Most leagues use how to throw a 2 seam fastball the “dropped third strike” rule, which allows the batter to attempt an advance to first base when the catcher fails to catch the third strike. In softball, catcher is one of the easiest positions to play – or one of the most difficult.

That explosive energy sits and waits to explode through the zone when a hitter starts the chain reaction. So if you are in a position right now where you know your swing speed is too low to hit home runs, the best place to start is in the gym doing legs and abdominal core exercises. Sorry, but bicep curls don’t produce swing speed. Build up the explosive energy in your legs and core and you’ll see increased swing speed and power.

Once you’re done, come back here and we’ll talk swing mechanics. Now the same thing will apply on the outside pitch. The catcher will just shift over, split the outside portion of plate with her body, glove out away from her body, and she has glove and the midline of her body to shoot for.

Small players will NOT get recruited to play in college as a first baseman. First baseman are the biggest power hitters on a team, and they are typically very big and relatively slow because of this. Catchers need a strong arm, so if you need to work on your throwing check out my free throwing webinar below.

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