Please attach any image along with the article. Make sure that the image doesn’t have any copyright issues. If you have any further questions regarding this guest position, then please contact us.

All we need is a document detailing your background and experience in writing or to be specific, sports writing. If you have a couple of samples we can look into, please send those through. Once you have written the article, you must submit it by email.

The editor may provide a specific piece they’d like written, with a flat dollar amount offer. Anyone can volunteer to be eligible for these opportunities. Out Of Bounds Golf is a website for the average golfer. We aren’t pros, but are huge fans of the game. We created this site to test out different products and find the best gear and tips for the average weekend hacker. We present instructional articles in every issue of DiscGolfer.

Experience in online writing is preferred, but not mandatory. Before emailing, please check out our guidelines to see if this opportunity would suit you.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Doing that with the content is distasteful. Your content should be Researched and talk about that in detail in your won language. Net Worth Should be Researched by official or Genuine reputed website sources. Your content should dominate the article and not quotes, It is important to extend the description beyond the initial paras and maintain uniformity until the end. Join the smartest marketers who receive our twice monthly update.

The article or blog post should contain a maximum of 3 links. By writing on our blog, you will be able to make your voice known and share your knowledge and expertise with golf communities and avid travelers all around the world. Please let us know if you have any comments or recommendations concerning our blog or website!

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