For the Dragon and Dungeons player here is a list of sixty DND druid names with meaning. Sefa in Irish mythology was the handmaiden to Queen Guinevere, who possessed druidic powers even though not fully trained. It is a short form of Josephine and means “pure” in Jewish.

They disappeared in the record by the 2nd century. Druids can have a range of backgrounds and alignments, which makes naming them a process that contains a lot of freedom compared to some other classes. You may also want to factor their race into the naming process. Their race might mean linguistic factors play a part in the naming process.

Tadg, also spelled as Tadhg, means ‘poet’ or ‘bard’ in the old Celtic dialects. Nuada, also known as Nuadat, is an important figure in Irish folklore. Nuada translates to ‘cloud maker.’ Nuada as a druid was revered as the first of the Nuadat family line and produced many famed druids and warlocks.

Eo isn’t a million miles in appearance from the Greek Io and is probably the most usable. And although the Ash is usually regarded as the “World Tree” of Norse mythology, it is sometimes said to be the Yew. For Eo — more formally Ēoh — is yew, a slow-growing, very long-lived tree which has long been symbolic of both eternal life and rebirth. From the cycle of the seasons, and the fruition of hope and perseverance of Jera, Eo takes us to the cycle of life and death itself. Later, it passed into Latin with similar meanings, and also came to be used of a person’s natal-star. Part 2 of English surnames beginning with “s” of Old English, Old Norse and Old French origin.

The Ogham alphabet is widely thought to be the oldest alphabet in Ireland. Its origins are attributed to the Druid Priests. It was used for casting spells and divinations.

In the second edition of the game ‘Advanced Dungeons & Dragons,’ their role was to act as advisors to the chieftains who greatly influenced their tribesmen. In ‘Dungeons & Dragons,’ 3rd edition, the druids can use various forms of weaponry. However, they lose the ability to cast spells or changing into animal form if they wear metal armor, although they can have a special animal companion.

In certain contexts, such as in the Warcraft universe, druids can even shapeshift, changing their human forms into those of various animals. Whether you need a name for a druid or druidess, this generator has you covered. Explore thousands of possible combinations by clicking the buttons above, and copy out the entire list when you’re done. The druid names in this generator are mostly based on old Celtic names. The secret to having fun and clever male druid names is ensuring that you get something you will probably never hear of anywhere else.

This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitution for professional health services. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Ogma is derived from the Greek name Ogham and means ‘roots.’ Ogma as a druid, was known to be well-versed in multiple languages and delved into poetry and craft. In some Welsh cultures, Ogma is also worshipped as the Goddess of literature and drama. Lochru in gypsy dialect means ‘a druid seer.’ In Arthurian legends, Lochru was a druid who saved Merlin from a fatal wound. Lochru was good with potions and herb lore.

A variant of the Latin name Camilla, it means “a religious person”. A mythological figure, Camma was a Celtic druidess who was an assistant to the team names for dance master Tadg. A very rare name, it is ideal for one who wants a different name. If you have a boy who has red hair, then this name is perfect.

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