James Hunt opined that the sequel “already looks much better” than the first film in terms of tone, character, and visual effects. In September, a character poster for Weying was alleged to have copied the silhouette of She-Venom from fan art published by DeviantArt artist spaceMAXmarine in October 2018. In December, to promote the digital and then-upcoming Blu-ray home media release of the film, a web series titled Chen’s Market was released to Facebook and Instagram Live, starring Peggy Lu and Santana Maynard, the former reprising their roles from the film, alongside the voices of Hardy and Jon Bailey. The official release date on OTT is yet to be confirmed by the makers and as you all know, it all depends upon the box office collections, if the film does well on the Box office, the digital release date may be pushed further. We will update you about the developments in the coming days. Venom fans have been awaiting this sequel for a long time—the movie was originally scheduled for October 2020, but has since been delayed multiple times thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the DVD version will only come with one bonus feature, titled ‘Let There Be… Action’, that goes behind-the-scenes of the action set pieces. With such a high-profile release, many may be wondering how it may be viewed. With an optional Instacart+ membership, you can get $0 delivery fee on every order over $35 and lower service fees too. “. Barry Hertz of The Globe and Mail praised the film’s mid-credits scene, but described the rest of the film as “ugly, cheap and dumb-but-not-good-dumb” and “a throwaway kind of trashy nothingness”.

Some filming in San Francisco was impacted by production on The Matrix Resurrections , with certain locations such as roads for driving scenes being unavailable to the Venom crew because that film was already using them. Helicopters that were being used to film Matrix sequences are visible in the background of a scene in the Venom sequel which uses dialogue to explain them as being police helicopters searching the jaiho crypto city. As noted above, Sony has a distribution deal with Netflix, which is why you can currently see other superhero-related Sony films like the Spider-Man movies on Netflix UK and Ireland right now. If you buy the 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and digital releases will enjoy a total of seven special features. Here’s when you’ll be able to see the two symbiotes and their hosts battle it out on DVD and via digital release.

British fans had to wait a little – Venom and Carnage arrived on their screens on October 15. Venom 2 stormed into cineplexes around the world in autumn 2021, but it is no longer available in theatres. So how can you get a copy of the film at home to see what chaos Venom reigns down on poor Eddie? When, exactly, can you expect to see Carnage on streaming services?

Chinese production company Tencent Pictures co-financed the sequel after previously doing the same for the first film. Serkis was officially hired to direct the film in early August 2019, partly due to his experience working with CGI and motion-capture technology as both an actor and director. Fleischer said he was happy to let Serkis take over the franchise following the negative critical reaction that the first film received, believing reviewers had unfairly treated the “crowdpleasing movie”, potentially due to biases against Sony and towards Marvel Studios’ rival superhero films. By the time Serkis was hired, Hutch Parker had joined the sequel as a producer. A friend of Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman, Parker previously served as a producer for several Marvel-based films produced by 20th Century Fox.

Contactless delivery is available with our “Leave at my door” option. You can track your order’s progress and communicate with your shopper every step of the way using the Instacart app or website. Additionally, Peggy Lu reprises her role from the first film as convenience store owner Mrs. Chen, who briefly hosts Venom, Sian Webber portrays Ravencroft doctor Camille Pazzo, Larry Olubamiwo appears as a Ravencroft guard, and Little Simz appears as herself.

“Venom 2” is not currently available for streaming, but if you have a Starz subscription you can watch it on demand there. Apple TV seems to have the most extra content with over one hour of special features, bloopers, extended and alternate scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, and easter eggs. When he interviews serial killer Cletus Kasady, Eddie thinks it’s going to help his career. Instead, he ends up with a serial killer who is obsessed with him, and this serial killer has a symbiote called Carnage. Carnage doesn’t care about collateral damage when it comes to getting his own way.

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