She shares haltingly with Mel that she was raped by her ex-boyfriend and the pregnancy she miscarried was a result of the rape. Preacher meets up with a friend of Paige’s, with alarming consequences for him and for Christopher. Charmaine stops by the bar to tell Jack that she and Todd recently and suddenly got married in Eureka. She also learns that Jack hired an attorney so she confirms that Todd doesn’t want Jack involved with the twins at all.

We were only now introduced to the fact that he might be kinda a bad guy, so I’m really hoping that the new season will confirm whether or not he knows how Melissa makes their family fortune. But, Martin Henderson, who stars as Jack, revealed on July 19 that filming for the new season was underway. Both season 3 and season 4 premiered in July, so we’re thinking it might be a year before season 5 begins.

They’ll have to wait until season five rolls around to find out for sure. Meanwhile, 347 opted for other characters to leave the show in the fifth run. 261 readers think Paige will make a permanent exit in season five, which equates to 13 percent of the votes. Elsewhere, Denny Cutler was another name tipped to leave, although only 273 readers think he’ll depart. Cameron was just behind Vince in the poll with 387 readers thinking he will leave, equal to 20 percent of those who voted. However, he’s not the only man readers think could bow out of the series as he’s closely followed by Dr Cameron Hayek .

He’s revealed he has Huntington’s Disease and described himself as not having a future himself any longer and won’t tie himself to Lizzie knowing this. After claiming that Jack was the father of her twins, Charmaine confessed that she’d lied about the paternity after he found her lying on the floor in extreme distress. She described this as “karma” for what she’d done as a shocked Jack and Mel reel from the news and the credits start to roll. Sadly, there is currently apple store cape coral no Virgin River season 5 release date confirmed though the show took to Instagram on July 18 to announce that production on this next series has now begun. It’s recently also reportedly been confirmed by Alexandra Breckenridge and Zibby Allen that the fifth instalment will follow the pattern of season 4 and be 12 episodes long. Fans were introduced to the show’s first LGBTQ+ character during season 4 — and there are a few actors of color already amongst the cast.

Per Variety, the show’s mighty enough to knock “Stranger Things” from the top of the streaming charts. Mark Ghanimé, who joined the cast in season 4 as Dr. Cameron Hayek, shared a screenshot of a meeting for the season 5 read-through, and it looks like all the major stars are in attendance. Given that seasons 3 and 4 were both released in July of their respective years, it is reasonable to assume that season 5 will also have a July release date set. Virgin River is undoubtedly the best series for Netflix that consistently generates a significant number of views for the OTT platform. Virgin River, which is quite one of the big hits on Netflix, made its Netflix debut in December 2019. The romantic drama starring Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Colin Lawrence, and Jenny Cooper is a hit with viewers all over the world.

After four seasons of his evil deeds, I’m really gonna need Season 5 to confirm that the reign of terror from this deadly douche is OVER. I mean, sure, one could easily say that Charmaine is just super petty and was so angry that Jack dared to never take their situationship to the next level and then dropped her completely for Mel, that she was trying to get revenge. But, there have been some moments when we can see that there’s a bit more to her than that. Viewers were also introduced to Melissa Montgomery , the head of the lumbering drug ring who made her expectations and consequences known. In other news, Brady was exonerated in Jack’s shooting and embarked on a romance with Brie. Preacher saved Paige and her son Christopher from Vince once and for all but remains torn between Paige and Julia romantically.

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