In response to the report, a source from his agency, Fantagio, shared that no such confirmation has been made as of yet. At the moment, the star is reviewing multiple projects, one of which is the Naver webtoon adaptation. Here are some of the many popular K-dramas that began narrative life on platforms like Naver Webtoon and Kakao Webtoon. CTK often switches scenes/days between episodes and, at times, it feels as if something has been skipped or omitted until you realize they’ve simply utilized the new installment as a way transition. It can be a bit jarring if you go into it without understanding that fact.

This manhwa was written by legendary Korean film director Yeon Sang-Ho, the visionary responsible for Train to Busan, one of the best zombie movies ever to hit the big screen. The Hellbound is a ludicrously exciting series, and easily one of the top manhwa in the world right now. Available to read on Webtoon, but also available in bookstores, this is a thriller and a half. Webtoon also allows anyone to become a creator and upload their own comic series’ for readers to enjoy for free. With the rise of Superman and Batman almost a hundred years ago, the US became the home of comic books.

The crime elements are worthy of comparison to beloved heist and gangster films and the slower pacing lends to the grungy cinematic styling. Coffin Jackson is a clever and enjoyable thriller that will make your stomach turn and your side hurt from laughing. The Noblesse loyola marymount tuition manhwa ran for twelve years from ‘07 to ‘19 and is easily one of the top manhwa online right now. Although he appears to be kind to everyone around him, he is quite manipulative with a penchant for destroying those who irritate him, often by using others.

This online manhwa tells the story of a talented painter named Nakyum. Cheese in the Trap is a romantic drama that plays on class differences, exploring toxic relationships and the complications that love and romance bring with them. This is another top manhwa that you’ve probably heard of thanks to its 2020 anime adaptation via Crunchyroll, animated by studio MAPPA. The Gamer tells the story of Jihan, a regular highschooler whose world is suddenly transformed when he develops the ability to see the world like a video game. The Gamer is an action manhwa written by Sangyoung Seong, with art by Sang-A. If you’re a fan of isekai anime or the novel Ready Player One , you’ll get a kick out of The Gamer manhwa.

Yumi’s Cells, a slice-of-life rom-com about an office worker named Yumi (Goblin‘s Kim Go Eun) that tells its ordinary story from the perspective of Yumi’s… wait for it… cells, is a K-drama outlier in many ways. Son Jae Ho and illustrated by Lee Gwang Su, the Noblesse manhwa is a fantasy action series. It plays on tropes of classic gothic literature and follows the modern-day life of a vampire named Cadis Etrama Di Raizel who has been asleep for over eight centuries.

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