The Wendy’s chain recently decided that customers who have the 9.3.3 version of Wendy’s iOS app can easily use Apple Pay from the mobile app. Now you will get an option of Useful to know when you scroll warframe salvage mission down the screen. So if you want the Apple Pay Logo, you can understand that the restaurant is accepting Apple Pay. This way, users can easily search for the restaurants accepting Apple Pay.

Even Wendy’s gift cards are eligible for the Loyalty Points Program, where you earn 10 points for spending $1. You can gain Wendy’s Loyalty Points every time you pay for your orders. It can be cash or any other online mode of payment, including Apple Pay.

You’ll know the payment has gone through when you see Done and a checkmark on the display. Wendy’s wants to ensure that all customers have the best possible experience when visiting their restaurants. That’s why they accept Apple Pay at all of their locations. Your credit card information is never shared with the merchant when you use Apple Pay, and each transaction is authenticated with a one-time unique numeric code. You don’t even need to open Wendy’s app, although you will need to have it downloaded on your device. In addition to being convenient, paying with Apple Pay is also secure.

Hopefully, you understood this easy method to pay with Apple pay. In case the transaction fails try scanning again or use a different card. But sadly there is no option of Apple pay or any other wallet like Google pay to pay on Wendy’s website. There are few people who want to order at Wendy’s and want to use their Apple pay to pay the money. You better try your luck on Wendy’s app as there are many rewards and offers. There are several deals and points than can arrange your breakfast and lunch.

Just plug in your ZIP code to see all the Wendy’s near you, pick the one you want, and order breakfast, lunch or dinner straight from the app. When you arrive we’ll get started, and you’ll have hot food in no time (unless it’s a salad or a Frosty®. Those are cold on purpose). If you want to make a payment using Apple Pay through your Apple watch, here is a comprehensive guide on how you can get it done. Apple Pay is an extremely handy app and the payment procedure is highly efficient.

You can also use Apple Pay to pay for your ride with Uber or Lyft. For a full list of stores and apps that accept Apple Pay, you can check out Apple’s website. Based on our last check on June 16, 2018, Wendy’s was not accepting debit & prepaid card support. Was due to a breach in which the company made 18 million payment cards vulnerable.

However, while reading does Wendy’s accept Apple pay or not you also got to know that they do not accept any other wallet as well. There are a lot of other alternative methods you can use to pay for your order. We’ll be talking about other payment methods in the later sections.

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