In days of old, oxtail came from oxen, but today it is simply the tail of beef cattle of both genders. For much of its culinary history, oxtail was considered a “throwaway” meat, a scrap not fit for the higher echelons of society. Prior to its more recent culinary renaissance, butchers used to sell oxtail for pennies on the pound so they wouldn’t have to throw it away at the end of the day, reportsThe Spruce Eats. There are several health benefits and many different ways that cooks can prepare this dish. Oxtails can be found on restaurant menus or at your local butcher shop.

In Chinese cuisine, it is usually made into a soup called 牛尾汤 (niúwěi tāng, “oxtail soup”). In Korean cuisine, a soup made with oxtail is called kkori gomtang . It is a thick soup seasoned with salt and eaten with a bowl of rice. It can be used as a stock for making tteokguk . Stewed oxtail vr sports challenge quest with butter bean or as a main dish with rice is commonly eaten in Jamaica and other West Indian cultures. Oxtail is also very popular in South Africa, where it is often cooked in a traditional skillet called a potjie, which is a three-legged cast iron pot placed over an open fire.

It is best not to add too much water, you want there to be enough flavor in the stock, especially if you plan on using it for several dishes. Other muscles in the animal, e.g. those in the neck, the legs, and the tail, are used a lot during its lifetime. Whether it’s to move around or just to support the weight of the animal. To strengthen and help these muscles do their job, they contain a lot of connective tissue. It’s pretty much inedible because of this toughness.

Check the slow cooker periodically to ensure you’re not overcooking the meat. The slow cook time will allow you to gain maximum flavor from the oxtails. Depending on how your cooker cooks meat, you may need to start out on the high-temperature setting first, then lower it to the low setting after a couple of hours. Either way, oxtails make for a delicious and nutritious meal.

Return the oxtails to the pot and add the beef stock and the water. Stir well and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Slow n’ low cooking will melt away these sinews and bone marrow into collagen and gelatin-rich broth and produce a rich and soft fall of the bone fatty meat packed with flavor.

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